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  • Stonhard

    Stonhard has been manufacturing and installing seamless floors for school corridors, classrooms, laboratories and cafeterias for more than 90 years. Seamless, easy to clean, stain resistant, sustainable floor solutions keep planners, students, faculty and maintenance staffs happy.
  • Koolmat Insulation

    Koolmat RV: Products like Koolmat gas engine starter covers that buff the casing so the silonoid won't get the wrong message and start everytime. Shielding for sensors, RV diesel beds, gas engine Koolsox 07519 + 07520 spark plug boot covers for 6 & 8 plugs that burn. Plus exhaust shields for any part that...
  • Kendall Products

    Dri-Dek Compartment Liner.
  • GO Packaging

  • Polymax/Milamar Coatings LLC

    PolyMax specializes in industrial and commercial epoxy and polyurethane seamless flooring systems. Designed to withstand heavy traffic, PolyMax has excellent impact, abrasion and chemical resistance. Surface finish can be enhanced for slip resistance or cleanability.