Products in the Fire Officer Marketplace

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  • Accountability Tags / Department ID Cards By SAFE ID CARD SYSTEMS INC

    Our Mission is to offer an affordable alternative to purchasing and maintaining your own equipment and supplies and to provide the highest level of customer service possible. All our identification cards and accountability tags are manufactured in house. We never give any information out to... Read More
  • ACE software By MdE Inc.

    Manage In-service and Academy training, certifications, qualifications. Identify upcoming training due to expire, track individual's training records. Manage Field Training records. Customize as agency needs change. Workshops in Field Training, Communications, Supervision, Ethics, etc. Read More
  • Acelle By AVO Vehicle Outfitting Inc.

    With our 5,000+ product offering, we can offer just about any electronic solution to your fleet accommodating all your security needs Read More
  • Acrylics/Glass By Cruise Master Engraving

    Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement service awards - Acrylic/Glass Read More
  • Active Shooter: Rapid Response By Emergency Film Group

    Safety training for emergency responders who may be involved in response to a mass shooting. In such incidents, normal safety protocols may be suspended as law enforcement personnel and others quickly respond without waiting for support teams. This compelling program combines realistic scenarios... Read More
  • Advance Tech By SMC ~ Seattle Manufacturing Corporation

    The SMC Advance Tech HX Pulley is a double pulley with an integrated cam that provides immediate progress capture without the need of prussik loops. The all in one frame and cam design presents a compact form factor. Stainless pins retain the rope when a rigged system is packed so that system... Read More
  • Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detector By System Sensor

    The System Sensor Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire/CO (AMCF/CO) detector combines our award-winning fire and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors into a single addressable device for an attractive, functional, and cost-effective fire/CO detection solution. With the AMCF/CO solution, you can consolidate... Read More
  • Aerial Ladders By Ferrara Fire Apparatus Inc.

    Ferrara aerial ladders with a pre-piped waterway have a minimum 500# tip load while flowing water, plus an equipment allowance for accessories. This performance level is double the minimum recommendation proposed in NFPA 1901. There are several features that make owning a Ferrara aerial the... Read More
  • Aerial Platforms By Ferrara Fire Apparatus Inc.

    Maximizing rescue and firefighting capabilities Ferrara’s mid-mount and rear mount platforms are available in 85’ and 100’ lengths. Each is designed with outstanding features that give you flexibility to design the right apparatus for your specific needs. Some of the features that customers... Read More
  • AFG Grant Approved Mobile Training Facility By Fire Training Structures LLC

    State of the art Mobile Training Facilities manufactured by Fire Training Structures, LLC. These Products are available to any department through the Assistance to FireFighters Grant. The systems feature structure fire burn rooms, Confined Space, Ventilation, Rappelling and much more. Contact us... Read More
  • Air & Light Unit By Summit Fire Apparatus

    16' Equipment Body, 6 compartments and refill station. SCBA cylinder sequencer, totally enclosed fragmentation station, 28 bottle SCBA cylinder storage, 2 Will-Burt Night Scan light towers, all compartments have LED lights. Other Options: * International 4400 2-door with rear drop frame * IH... Read More
  • Air Control Panel - Custom By American Airworks™

    Air control panels for stationary and mobile applications give operators control functionality and ease of use. American Airworks' Signature Series air control panels include hand-crafted construction, stainless steel tubing throughout, customized configurations to fit specific requirements,... Read More
  • AirCal 2000™ Electronic Air Monitor for CO & H2O By American Airworks™

    Accurate, easy to use and to calibrate, the AirCal 2000™ ensures you are producing CGA/NFPA Grade D & E air. Air sensors trigger the audible and visual alarms and immediately shuts your compressor down. The LCD gives you an error message as to the problem that caused the shut down... Read More
  • AirHAWK Air Purification Systems By Clean Aie Concepts

    Ceiling-mounted air filtration system eliminates airborne toxins, viruses, mold spores, etc. Clean, purified air is then evenly dispersed back into the facility. Units also available for living areas, offices, etc. Read More
  • Airspace Monitoring Systems, Inc By Airspace Monitoring Systems, Inc.

    Airspace Monitors use solid state sensors and AGS technology that allows a five year life for the sensor with no calibration. AGS, Advanced Gas Technology constantly checks the status of the monitor, including confirming the sensor is functioning, by softwear. A green blinking status light... Read More
  • Alternative Work Schedules By BMS Shift Scheduling Software

    More and more organizations are adopting work schedules with longer hours and/or multiple shifts to meet extended operating hours. Business Management Systems, makers of Snap Schedule Employee Scheduling Software, provide a collection of commonly used fixed and rotating shift schedules on their... Read More
  • Aluminum and Metal Cleaner & Brightener By Shield Solutions, LLC

    This product is designed to make the cleaning and maintenance of all polished metal surfaces fast, safe and easy. Requires no polishing or buffing and the desired effects are achieved with minimal effort. Removes rust stains. Key Points: ~ Excellent on Diamond Plate and wheels ~ Cleans and... Read More
  • Aluminum X-Strut® Stabilization and Lifting Strut By Res-Q-Jack®, Inc.

    The Aluminum X-Strut is our premium level strut, built from 6061-T6 aluminum and boasting a 10,000 lb. WLL without adding significant weight. With the X-Strut’s Add-On-Jack technology delivering 6,000 lbs of lifting power, this strut is heavy duty in a manageable package, allowing for easy... Read More
  • Amerex Corporation By Amerex

    Amerex products include a full range of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers. Fire suppression systems for restaurant, industrial, off-road vehicle, transit vehicle, clean agent, and methane gas detection applications. Products made in U.S.A. Amerex is an ISO 9001 and 14001 registered firm. Read More
  • American Road Series Simulators: 22-24.5 Inch By RealWheels Corporation

    RealWheels Stainless Steel Simulators offer a front profile and deep rear inset that simulates the look of aluminum wheels. High-quality, non-magnetic 304L stainless steel — will never rust, pit, corrode or turn yellow. • The hook mount systems do not require excess stud. • This... Read More
  • AMK-22 Cutter By Amkus, Inc.

    The AMK-22 C.O.T (Cutter of Tomorrow) combines more power with a proven blade design. The AMK-22 Cutter is designed to handle the stronger materials used in new model vehicles, such as Boron Steel, Martensite, and other high strength steels. The AMK-22 features a 360 degree rotating handle... Read More
  • AMK-30CRT Spreader By Amkus, Inc.

    AMKUS Rescue Systems (Downers Grove, IL USA) is proud to introduce their NEW AMK-30CRT Spreader based on their legendary field-proven AMK-30CX spreader. It incorporates the innovative push-button removable tip design that has made the AMK-24 spreader one of the most successful product launches... Read More
  • AMKUS Ultimate System By Amkus, Inc.

    The AMKUS Ultimate system is a PTO driven hydraulic rescue system that provides superior performance with maximum versatility. This is not just another power unit; this is a system that is customized to your requirements. Some of your options include: The ability to run up to 6 AMKUS tools... Read More
  • Anhydrous Ammonia By Emergency Film Group

    "Anhydrous Ammonia" is a DVD-based safety training program about the hazards of Anhydrous Ammonia and safe response to incidents involving this dangerous gas. This program was updated in 2008 with new footage, new animations, information about the use of anhydrous ammonia in clandestine drug... Read More
  • AQL TEST KIT By Air Quality Laboratories Inc.

    Air Quality Laboratories, Inc. provides certified compressed breathing air testing services to assist the fire service and general industry in complying with NFPA and State / Federal OSHA air quality and safety requirements. AQL is dedicated to the safety of workers & firefighters. Certified... Read More
  • ArcGIS Desktop GIS By Esri

    As a complete geographic information system (GIS), ArcGIS allows you to easily author data, maps, globes, and models on the desktop; serve them to a GIS server; and use them through Web, desktop, and mobile clients. The ArcGIS family of products includes desktop, server, mobile, and online GIS... Read More
  • ArcGIS Mobile GIS By Esri

    ArcGIS Mobile helps organizations deliver GIS capabilities and data from centralized servers to a range of mobile devices. You can use ArcGIS Mobile to deploy intuitive and productive mobile GIS applications to increase the accuracy and improve the currency of GIS data across your... Read More
  • ArcGIS Online GIS By Esri

    ArcGIS Online provides a common platform to find, share, and organize geographic content and to build GIS applications. Through, the Web interface for ArcGIS Online, you can access maps, apps, and tools published by Esri and other GIS users, and share your own content with a broad... Read More
  • ArcGIS Server GIS By Esri

    ArcGIS Server is a complete and integrated server-based geographic information system (GIS). It comes with out-of-the-box, end user applications and services for spatial data management, visualization, and spatial analysis. ArcGIS Server offers open access to extensive GIS capabilities that... Read More
  • ArcLogistics By Esri

    Save with ArcLogistics Routing Software. ArcLogistics helps you create optimized routes and schedules based on multiple factors such as customer needs, business rules, vehicle traits, and street restrictions. Use ArcLogistics routing software to plan your routes, cut your fleet costs, improve... Read More
  • ARFF Fire Pumps By Waterous Co.

    ARFF Firefighting Systems You Can Count on Whether fighting fires on the open sea or battling blazes on the runway, you demand pumps that exceed performance standards. To meet these demands, our Fire Boat and Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) pumps are built with the highest quality... Read More
  • Argus Thermal Imaging Cameras By e2v

    Argus thermal imaging cameras (TICs) are the result of over thirty years intensive design and research. Our cameras lead the way in handheld thermal imaging technology for police, security forces, fire fighters and search and rescue teams. Or new range of security cameras include the: TT... Read More
  • Assault Ramp 15310 By Little Giant Ladder

    The Velocity Assault Ramp features a lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with black anodized armor for a subdued, non-reflective finish. The Assault Ramp’s quick-release Rock Locks™ make it easy to extend and deploy quickly, allowing tactical teams to rush targets faster with more... Read More
  • Axiom F6 Datalogger By FTS Forest Technology Systems

    The Axiom is the first and only fire RAWS datalogger to offer a waterproof, industrial-grade, daylight-readable, color integrated touch screen. We integrated the computer and software right into the datalogger, eliminating the need for field laptops and cables. The Axiom may be today’s most... Read More
  • Axion MSR Eye/Face Wash by Haws By Haws

    Introducing Axion™ MSR eye/face wash equipment by Haws - the first and only eyewash and eye/face wash specifically designed to operate in concert with standard healthcare protocols & the natural function of the human eye. This revolutionary inverted flow design is the only product on the... Read More
  • AXION™ eyePOD™ By Haws

    The AXION™ eyePOD™ is a faucet-mounted eyewash that provides professional business facilities, laboratories, and educational facilities, with AXION MSR™ eyewash capabilities in an attractive, low profile, low cost design. AXION MSR™ eyewash products use an exclusive, inverted flow pattern that... Read More