Products in the Fire Officer Marketplace

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  • C7000 Series Battery Analyzers By Cadex Electronics Inc.

    The Cadex C7000 Series battery analyzers are for the professional testing of in-service portable batteries used in hospital medical equipment, two-way radios, cell phones, mobile computing, portable scanners and data devices or unique applications such as military systems. The analyzers work... Read More
  • Cab Commander By Tactron Inc.

    A tool used by Incident Commanders, Chief Officers and Branch Commanders to easily manage simple to complex incidents and facilitate tracking of resources and assignments using color coded printed magnets. The Cab Commander hangs on most standard steering wheels allowing the user to comfortably,... Read More
  • Cadex C8000 Advanced Programmable Battery Testing System By Cadex Electronics Inc.

    The Cadex C8000 Series Battery Testing System is a high-performance battery-testing device designed specifically for battery research, product test laboratories, manufacturing and experimental testing. Four independent battery service channels with 4-wire battery test cables Programmable... Read More
  • CAF Systems By Waterous Co.

    Revolutionary CAFSystems™ Fire Suppression Technology When it comes to compressed air foam systems, Waterous CAFSystems™ are the first in foam. Whether you need water, aspirated foam or compressed air foam, Waterous offers fully integrated, user-friendly units that fit any fire suppression... Read More
  • Canopies By Creative Canopy Design

    Creative Canopy Design carries the premier KD Kanopy Majestic series. The frame is a one piece scissor action canopy that is made with 16 gauge anodized aluminum. They are 40% stronger and 25% lighter than steel canopies and will not rust. The fabric is a commercial grade 500 denier oxford... Read More
  • Capricorn FLX Weather Station By Columbia Weather Systems

    Features • Modular design for sensor selection and optimal sensor location • Proven, reliable mechanical wind sensors • Temperature and/or humidity in self-aspirating radiation shield • Many other meteorological sensor options • Two additional general-purpose analog channels • Low power... Read More
  • Car Vision By INTEC Video Systems Inc

    The INTEC Car Vision® product line represents the most complete offering of heavy-duty and high-performance mobile safety camera and collision avoidance systems available. From the Extreme Duty CVCXL Series Cameras to the ultra-rugged and waterproof IP68 rated CVD Series Displays and CVS... Read More
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector with RealTest (CO1224T) By System Sensor

    The CO1224T from System Sensor now offers RealTest — the first and only true functional CO test that fully meets NFPA 720-2009 requirements. With RealTest, a simple short spray of canned CO is all it takes to know the detector is doing its job protecting occupants from deadly CO gas. With the... Read More
  • Cargo Trays & Slides By R-O-M / Bustin, Safe Fleet Brands

    THE R•O•M EXTREME CARGO TRAY SERIES R•O•M’s latest innovation is the Extreme Cargo Tray Series. Working closely with engineers from leading emergency vehicle OEMs, our world-class engineering team has custom-designed a tray to meet the exact needs of the fire service. EFFICIENT... Read More
  • CASPER By 911 C.A.S.P.E.R. Systems - CASPER

    LED Signs have proven to be very effective at spreading information. LED Signs are used by a wide variety of organizations for things like general text announcements, streaming video to large crowds, and also as sales tools What CASPER does is adds 2 ground-breaking features to this valuable... Read More
  • CAT Mobile Decon Trailer By HazMat Medical

    Contamination Assist Trailer Two shower lanes, Three chamber system (Dirty Room {Clothes off}, Shower, Clean Room {Clothe On}) stores all your HAZMAT equipment. The most affordable decontamination solution. Unlike tents, you can decontaminate and reuse. Pulls behind any vehicle. Built-in... Read More
  • CB 16 Shelter By CrewBoss

    Each of our fire rehab kits is based on and built around our 205 sq. ft., 16-foot diameter CrewBoss Rehab Shelter. The CB-16 is easy and quick to set up, making it perfect for any fire ground operation. This multi-use octagonal shelter can be utilized as: * A shade cover with roof only... Read More
  • Center Mount Axle Covers By RealWheels Corporation

    For Steel or Aluminum Wheels. High-quality, non-magnetic 304L stainless steel — will never rust, pit, corrode or turn yellow. • Easy to install • Mounting brackets fit any axle, front or rear. No need to remove lug nuts. Read More
  • Certification By National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI)

    NAFI has long been the industry leader in fire investigator certifications. Through our National Certification Board, NAFI offers three certification programs: Our basic certification for fire investigators: - Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI) And advanced certifications for: -... Read More
  • CHEMloc™ By U.S. Chemical Storage LLC

    The choice for chemical storage when fire rated construction is not necessary. Each CHEMloc™ building is welded from heavy gauge steel and features a built-in containment sump. Electrical options and accessories available. Read More
  • Chlorine DVD training program By Emergency Film Group

    "Chlorine" is a safety video about the hazards of the industrial gas chlorine and safe response to incidents involving chlorine. It is part of the HazChem Series and is available separately or as a part of the series. Chlorine is found in almost every town because it is used in water and... Read More
  • Chrome & Red Rack Custom Creations By Groves Incorporated / Ready Rack

    Chrome & Red Rack Custom Creations Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean that we won't create it for you! Ready Rack also offers custom solutions to your specific storage challenges.Ready Rack Worktable Available in two or three compartment models. Quick-change shelves can accommodate... Read More
  • Chrome Gear Storage By Groves Incorporated / Ready Rack

    The First Comercially produced Gear Storage system for the Fire Service.Ready Rack® is available in a wide range of models, New Tech Wall Mounted, Freestanding and Mobile. Choose from standard units, or customize the installation to fit your station’s wall or floor space. Ready Rack®... Read More
  • Circul-Air Fire Hose Washer By American Airworks™

    Circul-Air Roto-Jet Hose Washer This Circul-Air hose washer removes hydrocarbons that can carry 90% of the toxins produced by a fire. These hydrocarbons can also contain carcinogens. Potentially hazardous substances can be absorbed through the skin by contact. Rinsing the hose off only removes... Read More
  • Circul-Air™ Hose & PPE Equip Dryers By American Airworks™

    Circul-Air™ hose washers and Circul-Air hose roller, washers, dryers and hose racks make life at work so much easier. The Circul-Air dryer can also dry PPE products too. We offer reduced prices and low shipping rates of these units. Read More
  • Classic Series Simulators: 22-24.5 Inch By RealWheels Corporation

    RealWheels Stainless Steel Simulators offer a front profile and deep rear inset that simulates the look of aluminum wheels. High-quality, non-magnetic 304L stainless steel — will never rust, pit, corrode or turn yellow. • The hook mount systems do not require excess stud. •... Read More
  • Cobra Ara-Tek FR Classic Style Flame and Arc Resistant Hood By PGI , Inc.

    COBRA™ Ara-Tek FR CLASSIC™ SURE FIT™ HOOD Style # 3022185SF Material : Ara-Tek FR™ Tri-Blend Arc Rating : 10.7 HRC Level: 2 DESIGN : Double ply hood and bib, two piece overall design with notched shoulders Double-ply hood with 3" Sure Fit panel for customized fit Provides... Read More
  • Cobra Carbon Shield Ultimate Arc and Flame Resistant Hood By PGI , Inc.

    COBRA™ CARBON SHIELD™ ULTIMATE™ SURE FIT™ Hood Style # 3049298SF Material : Carbon Shield™ Arc Rating : 23.3 HRC Level : 2 DESIGN : Double ply hood, with Extra Long Double ply bib, two piece overall design Carbon Shield is a flame resistant fabric breakthrough based on carbon fiber... Read More
  • Cobra Para-Tek FR Elite Style Flame and Arc Resistant Hood By PGI , Inc.

    COBRA™ ELITE™ SURE FIT™ Hood Style # 3802093SF Material : Para-Tek FR™ Tri-Blend Arc Rating : 34.4 HRC Level : 3 Para-Tek FR™ is PGI’s proprietary Tri-Blend that leverages the benefits of three fibers – Para-Aramid, Lenzing FR™, and High Tenacity Nylon. The end result is a lightweight,... Read More
  • Commercial Washer-Extractors By Continental Girbau

    At Continental, we engineer several lines of commercial washer-extractors to meet specific market needs. Each of our washer lines – ExpressWash, E-Series, M-Series, L-Series and Econ-O-Wash – is loaded with unique features and capabilities to improve profits, energy efficiency and productivity... Read More
  • Compressors, Max-Air high pressure By MAX-AIR Compressors

    High pressure breathing air compressor systems for fire departments, police and military services. A complete line of stationary, mobile and portable compressors, including air storage cylinders, fill panels and fill stations. Read More
  • Computer-Aided Dispatch By TriTech Software Systems

    TriTech's advanced Computer-Aided Diapatch solution, VisiNet Command, is a feature-rich platform for larger public safety agencies (law, fire and EMS) operating in complex, high volume environments. This highly reliable, innovative product captures all major data points throughout each call to... Read More
  • Confined Space Emergency By Emergency Film Group

    Three titles provide a comprehensive examination of response issues in a confined space emergency. Addresses the requirements of OSHA's Permit-Required Confined Space Standard (29 CFR 1910.146), NFPA 1006, Standard for Rescue Technician Professional Qualifications, and NFPA 1670, Standard on... Read More
  • Construction / Agriculture By C E Niehoff & Co.

    A1-100 Series A1-200 Series A1-300 Series C100 Series C300 Series C500 Series Read More
  • CO-PLATE Carbon Monoxide Detector Replacement Plate By System Sensor

    With the first system-connected CO detectors reaching their end-of-life, someone’s going to be making money on replacements. It should be you. And we’ve made it easy. Our new CO-PLATE Carbon Monoxide Detector Replacement Plate mounts in seconds for seamless CO detector replacement. And what... Read More
  • CORDOVA By Wildfire

    CORDOVA by Wildfire offers premium nozzles and fire line hardware that has stood the test of time. From its inception over forty years ago to its modern day form, quality and precision have remained the key principles behind CORDOVA's reliability and ensures flawless performance in the... Read More
  • CorTemp Ingestible Core Body Temperature Monitoring System By HQ, Inc. (CorTemp Ingestible Temp Pill)

    Research shows that external methods of temperature measurement are invalid in assessing hyperthermia in hot environments. The CorTemp® wireless, monitoring system, featuring the CorTemp® ingestible core body temperature pill enables you to make on the spot, preventive decisions to keep your... Read More
  • Covers/Tarps/Staging Mats/Hose Bed Covers By Husky® Portable Containment

    Husky Portable Containment offers all the accessories you need for your folding frame or self supporting tanks. Read More
  • Cover-Up Hub Covers Integrated Lug Nut Covers By RealWheels Corporation

    These Stainless Steel, Low Profile “Cover-Up” Hub Covers are the Only System that Covers the Axle and the Lug Nuts and Features the Patented “Wedge Lock” Bracket! High-quality, non-magnetic 304L stainless steel — will never rust, pit, corrode or turn yellow. • Makes cleaning wheels... Read More
  • Cover-Up Hub Covers Smooth Face and Pop-In Centers By RealWheels Corporation

    These Stainless Steel, Low Profile “Cover-Up” Hub Covers are the Only System that Covers the Axle and the Lug Nuts and Features the Patented “Wedge Lock” Bracket! High-quality, non-magnetic 304L stainless steel — will never rust, pit, corrode or turn yellow. • Makes cleaning wheels... Read More
  • CPR Shield in belt pouch By By Dezign Products

    One-Way Valve CPR Shields- Clear mouth barrier prevents physical contact with a victim's face to reduce the chance of cross-contamination during emergency CPR. Features a clear, flexible barrier and one-way valve and breathing tube which maintains an open airway during mouth-to-mouth... Read More
  • CrewBoss Brush Pant By CrewBoss

    Designed to equip Wildland firefighters with the best in personal protective clothing, CrewBoss Brush pants offer an extensive list of features that provide unequaled strength and support. With the sewn in support of 10 bartacks along stress points, the extensive use of double needle seams and... Read More
  • CrewBoss Brush Coat By CrewBoss

    The CrewBoss Brush Coat remains the Wildland firefighter’s first choice for protection and warm. The raglan – cut sleeve, fully concealed, nickel-plated, snap front closure and turnout-style collar with self-storing throat strap encompass the classic elements of personal protective coats that... Read More
  • CrewBoss Brush Shirt By CrewBoss

    The CrewBoss Brush shirt offers the best in personal protection while on the scene of any fire operation. Ideal for Wildland firefighters, the Brush shirt offers the comfort you need with the toughness you have come to depend on. Made from flame resistant Nomex IIIA or Indura Ultra Soft, the... Read More
  • CrewBoss Double Radio Harness By CrewBoss

    • Unique elastic slip cord system will accommodate any size and model of radio, with full access to radio controls. • Includes double pencil pockets and full mesh map pocket with side entry. • Made of tough Cordura® nylon fabric, with nylon webbing and quality sliders and buckles. • Available... Read More
  • CrewBoss EMS Coat By CrewBoss

    The CrewBoss Fire-Rescue EMS coat is ideal for the Urban Interface firefighter. With an unprecedented list of standard features, the Fire-Rescue EMS coat brings a full range of utility together with premium protection. It’s full cut and generous design offers freedom of movement and cool comfort... Read More
  • CrewBoss Fire Rescue Coat By CrewBoss

    The CrewBoss Interface coat is now available in this rugged and good looking version of its legendary Wildland firefighter overcoat. Distinctive and highly visible, it’s designed for the special demands of Interface and rescue operations. Designed and engineered to promote freedom of movement... Read More
  • CrewBoss Flame Resistant BBQ Apron By CrewBoss

    Get the only firefighter's BBQ apron made with Indura Ultra Soft, reflective trim and big CrewBoss pockets. Perfect for events at the firehouse and home! BBQAPRON Read More
  • CrewBoss Glove Clip By CrewBoss

    The CrewBoss Glove Holder allows any size Fire or Rescue gloves through it's loop and stored tightly at your side. You will never lose your gloves again. The CrewBoss Glove Holder clips securely to your gear with a heavy-duty nickel plated swivel snaphook and a loop made from extra heavy-duty... Read More
  • CrewBoss Hickory Brush Shirt By CrewBoss

    The Hickory Shirt has a long tradition of being an essential piece of apparel for Loggers, Foresters, Arborists and others who spend a great amount of time working in the outdoors. This design was built to wear through the toughest of work days by the most rugged workers in North America. While... Read More
  • CrewBoss Interface Coat By CrewBoss

    The CrewBoss Interface Coat is ideal for the urban firefighter. Its unique cut provides superior thermal protection while allowing for an enhanced range of motion. With its full-cut design and caped shoulders, the Interface Coat provides the firefighter with a functional and comfortable... Read More
  • CrewBoss Interface Pants By CrewBoss

    • Nomex® zippered fly with nickel snap closure. • Nomex zippered side pass-through pockets. • Double-layered fabric knees. • Two-inch elastic back band and seven large belt loops. • Unidirectional cargo pockets at thighs prevent snagging. • #10 Nomex zippered leg openings for easy donning and... Read More
  • CrewBoss ProTech-T By CrewBoss

    The CrewBoss ProTech-T Shirt is the firefighter's T-shirt. This unique T is made with a blend of cotton and FR modacrylic that provides and extra layer of flame protection that won't melt. With its anti-microbial treatment and fast drying action, this T will keep you cool and fresh as long as... Read More
  • CrewBoss Single Radio Harness By CrewBoss

    • Unique elastic slip cord system will accommodate any size and model of radio, with full access to radio controls. • Includes double pencil pockets, spare battery pocket, and full mesh map pocket with side entry. • Made of tough Cordura® nylon fabric, with nylon webbing and quality sliders... Read More
  • CrewBoss Traditional Brush Shirt By CrewBoss

    An instant classic, the CrewBoss Traditional shirt offers all the features and protection of our brush shirt with the look and comfort of classic forestry service style, including a button front closure. Designed for optimal functionality on the most high pressure fire line, the traditional... Read More
  • CribBlocks By RESQTEC, Inc.

    Rapid and easy to use they are a must have for the professional rescuer. They can be used for any cribbing application during rescue operations and have several advantages over wood as means of cribbing a structure. The unique interlocking and stacking design makes create any stabilization... Read More
  • CrossOver By SMC ~ Seattle Manufacturing Corporation

    The SMC CrossOver Series carabiners are the first aluminum carabiners to meet both the NFPA G-Rating 1983 and ANSI Z359.1 strength requirements. Both the Dual-Lock and Triple-Lock feature the ANSI Z359.1 gate strength requirement of 16kN making this the ideal choice for fire rescue and... Read More
  • Cryo Rotor Brake Rotors By 300 Below, Inc.

    Cryogenic brake rotors last twice as long as un-treated rotors. Our coating also reduces rust on ABS rings and fins. Call 300 Below at 1-800-550-2796 to learn more. Read More
  • Custom Email Server Solutions By 3F, LLC.

    Our email systems provide customers with a more secure environment for SOGs, Training, Meetings. By providing an encrypted storage environment available to your organization only. Receive your email to your phone, desktop or web browser. With team oriented features like Scheduled Events, Shared... Read More
  • Custom Embroidered Emblems By A-B Emblem

    A‑B Emblem has been the leading international designer and manufacturer of embroidered patches for over six decades. From large bulk orders to individual orders of custom patches, turnaround can be as quick as 48 hours. A-B Emblem is a world-wide provider of embroidered patches with a focus on... Read More
  • CyberKeys By CyberLock, Inc.

    The CyberLock Electronic Lock System provides real flexibility in that there are two choices in rechargeable CyberKeys: the CK-RXD Key for all types of indoor and outdoor applications and CyberKey Blue, the new Bluetooth® compatible key, that offers a unique solution for companies with employees... Read More
  • CyberLock Electromechanical Locks By CyberLock, Inc.

    Videx designs and manufactures CyberLock, a system of electromechanical locks and programmable keys that brings access control and auditing to existing mechanical lock and key systems. If your mechanical locks and keys are out of control, CyberLock is the solution. CyberLock is unique in that... Read More
  • CyberLock Electronic Padlocks By CyberLock, Inc.

    Safeguard your physical assets with CyberLock electronic padlocks. Built tough, intelligent, and with stainless steel components they perform extremely well in the harshest environments. With CyberLock electronic padlocks, companies achieve controlled access, accountability, and key control at... Read More
  • CyberLock Flex System By CyberLock, Inc.

    The CyberLock Flex System is an addition to the CyberLock family, which includes weatherized key vault modules that enable electronic key storage at remote outdoor locations, input modules, display modules, and door controller modules. Behind the scenes is a dynamic software platform that deftly... Read More
  • CyberPoint By CyberLock, Inc.

    CyberPoints are electronic tags designed to serve as data collection checkpoints for electronically documenting security and fire/safety checks. The CyberPoint system offers many advantages over traditional checkpoint applications. Both the stationary CyberPoint and handheld CyberKey record... Read More
  • Cyl-Fil Oxygen System By Responsive Respiratory

    A versatile solution to patients' oxygen needs, Cyl-Fil offers a convenient, low-cost alternative to cylinder delivery methods and home fill systems. Cyl-Fil significantly reduces the need for monthly cylinder deliveries (up to 75%) and virtually eliminates emergency deliveries. Oxygen expense... Read More
  • Cylinder Carts & Racks By Responsive Respiratory

    Responsive Repsiratory offers a full line of cylinder carts and racks for patient, office, warehouse, industrial duty and filling requirements. All of RRI's carts and racks are 100% welded with durable powder coat paint that resists chipping and scratching for a long service life. RRI offers... Read More