Products in the Fire Officer Marketplace

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  • H6200-M Series Headsets By David Clark Co Inc

    Radio Direct headsets and modular models with interchangeable comm cords for use with portable radios. Read More
  • Haix Airpower R1 Station Boot By CODE-2, LLC

    The Airpower R1 is the same boot as the Airpower X1, except that the Airpower R1 has the same heat rated sole as our other EMS boots, the Airpower R2 and Airpower R7. On duty or in the fire station, day after day you have to walk many miles at work. We suggest you do this in the best footwear... Read More
  • Handheld Organizers By Tactron Inc.

    A multi-purpose management tool designed to be carried by first arriving officers and other key personnel to organize and track tactical assignments, apparatus and personnel. The Control Board has a rugged powder coated aluminum case and contains three dry erasable writable aluminum pages. The... Read More
  • Hanging Headache Bar Signs with Any Message – The i-BAR Series By iSIGNS Inc.

    Our hanging i-BAR Sign Series creates brightly colored extruded aluminum bars or tubes that are highly visible and carry brief messages using easy-to-read fonts and popular safety or warning symbols. They are specifically designed to hang overhead from ceiling or support structures using... Read More
  • Harris P5400, 7.5V, 2500mAH, Li-ION Battery By BatteryJack, Inc.

    Harris P5400, 7.5V, 2500mAH, Li-ION Battery Fits: Harris P5400 series, BT-023406-005 Replacement for P5300,P5400, P5350, P5370, P5450, P7300, P7350, P7370 Read More
  • Harris, Ma-COM Jaguar BKB191210/4 IS Radio Battery By BatteryJack, Inc.

    Ma-Com BKB210IS, 7.5V, 1700mAH, Ni-CD Battery FITS: Replaces the Jaguar 700P, P5100, P7100, P7230. OEM Part Numbers BKB191210/4, BKB191210/43, BKB191210/5, BKB191210/6, BKB1912103, BKB1912104R5 Intrinsically Safe Read More
  • Haskel Breathing Air Boost Pump By American Airworks™

    Haskel boosters are one of the best choices for SCBA refilling at the scene. Haskel air boosters have flow rates of 20 - 130 SCFM. The Haskel booster is a pneumatic booster, having a single stage double acting pump and is the most efficient air booster to use when taking air from the cascade... Read More
  • Haskel Oxygen Boost Pump By American Airworks™

    Why send back oxygen gas you've already paid for? A Haskel oxygen pump will pay for itself in a short time. This Haskel oxygen pump is a two stage booster capable of boosting 100 PSI oxygen up to 3500 PSI. This is an ideal application for refilling EMS oxygen cylinders with low pressure oxygen... Read More
  • Hazardous Materials CBRNE Vehicle By Summit Fire Apparatus

    Trailer is 37’ 7” long, overall length 56’ 10” 14 rescue style compartments Roof-top storage compartments Will-Burt light tower 25KW Generator Side Awnings Ramp for wheeled equipment Lighted walkway from front to rear observation platform Enclosed science and research room with pass through Fume... Read More
  • Hazardous Materials: Managing the Incident By Emergency Film Group

    Best-selling 8-part DVD-based training series provides Operations Level, Technician Level & Command Level training for hazardous materials incidents, as required by OSHA's Hazwoper law and NFPA 472. Based on the highly-regarded manual, Hazardous Materials: Managing the Incident, this series is a... Read More
  • Hazmat Operations By Emergency Film Group

    DVD-based training package provides 8 hours of OSHA Hazwoper training for emergency responders. The package comprises five DVDs plus a Leader's Guide and teaches the core competencies required for certification at the Operations Level. It helps set up a program to apply the lessons learned to a... Read More
  • HazMat Training Tools By EST Companies LLC

    Comprehensive hazardous materials monitoring and response training for both fire service professionals and safety personnel. Read More
  • HealthEMS By Sansio

    HealthEMS is a remote-hosted field data collection, management, and reporting software solution which is proven to help Fire and EMS providers improve patient care and financial performance. From the EMT / Paramedic in the field, to the QA, medical direction, and billing departments,... Read More
  • HeartSine AED-Automatic External Defibrillator By By Dezign Products

    HeartSine® Samaritan® PAD- The HeartSine® Samaritan® PAD Public Access Defibrillator (or Automatic External Defibrillator) is an easy-to-use medical device especially designed for public access use, to administer lifesaving treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest. No complex displays or controls. A... Read More
  • Heavy Duty Rescue Vehicles By Hackney - VisionComms

    Heavy Duty Rescue is defined as a body mounted on a chassis with a GVWR of 35,000 lbs or more typically mounted on a custom cab and chassis. No other rescue body offers more cubic feet of storage space per wheelbase inch than Hackney. Visit our features section for details on many exclusive... Read More
  • Heavy Rescue By Summit Fire Apparatus

    16’ Rescue style body with rear drop frame modification and custom aluminum console. 8 side compartments, one sealed for gas powered tool storage and a rear compartment containing 2 Hannay hydraulic reels. Other Options: * International Chassis * Robinson roll-up doors * Roof mounted... Read More
  • Helicopter Gas Boost Pump - Pop Floats & Struts By American Airworks™

    These Haskel nitrogen boosters have been specifically designed for helicopters, and/or small aircraft, where a portable self-powered booster is needed for ground support. The primary application is to service high pressure on-board Nitrogen or Helium bottles on helicopters, which are equipped... Read More
  • Helmet Shrouds By The Supply Cache, Inc.

    Many styles of wildland shrouds to choose from. All are Bullard wildland helmet compatible (FH-911 series) Read More
  • HICS System By Tactron Inc.

    Intended for both emergent and non-emergent use at all Hospitals, the Hospital Incident Command System or HICS is a comprehensive management tool based upon the Incident Command System (ICS). Read More
  • High Pressure Air Storage Systems By American Airworks™

    Air Storage, air cascade systems as they are often called, allow you to fill more cylinders faster than using just a HP breathing air compressor. Air in storage from your cascade system allows you to use a buy and use a smaller compressor to save on initial equipment cost and ongoing operational... Read More
  • High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors By American Airworks™

    5000 - 6000 PSI (345-414 BAR) breathing air compressors for all markets, such as fire fighting, scuba diving, paintball fields, industry, manufacturing, laboratory and learning centers requiring CGA Grade E breathing air. We offer both mobile and stationary units with accessory items such as air... Read More
  • Home Emergency Pocket Guide™- 3rd ed. By Informed Publishing

    "The Home Emergency Pocket Guide has easy-to-follow instructions for every scenario, from how to treat bumps and bruises to what to do during a tsunami." - Reader’s Digest This guide helps you respond to emergencies that can occur in your home or community. Read More
  • Home Fire Protection By National Fire Fighter Corp.

    Keep your home safe during fire season. Read More
  • Home Safe Fire Escape Teaching System By Prevention Connection International

    The Home Safe Fire Escape System is a series of skillfully designed props that teach kids how to be safe in every room of their house. Includes a professionally developed narrative teaching plan for teaching children in grades K-3. Each set includes over 100 removable pieces (home decor and... Read More
  • Homeland Security Communications By Hackney - VisionComms

    Systems include radio gateway system that patches any radio frequency between radios or radios to telephone or cellphone for interoperable voice communication. Redundant connectivity is provided in prioritized sequencing that provides connectivity through VSAT, 3G/4G, WiFi or available external... Read More
  • Homeland Security Field Guide™- 2nd ed. By Informed Publishing

    The Homeland Security Field Guide™ is an essential tool for law enforcement, fire & rescue, first responders, EMS personnel, nurses and physicians. Includes: chemical diagnosis guidelines, suspicious packages, explosives, incendiary compounds, booby traps, suicide bombings, biological agents,... Read More
  • Honeywell Fire & Industrial SCBA & Generic SCBA Accessories By American Airworks™

    Honeywell/Survivair Fire and Industrial Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)are available from American Airworks. We sell new Titan (fire) and Cougar/Panther (industrial) SCBA and a multitude of SCBA support products too. We are also a Honeywell/Survivair Factory Authorized Warranty Center... Read More
  • Horticulture Fertilizer Injectors By Dosatron International

    Dosatron units feature superior engineering to create the most durable, easy-to-use, low-maintenance product on the market. We manage your chemical application through repeatability, regardless of fluctuations in pressure or flow. Dosatron also supports you every step of the way with world-class... Read More
  • Hose Bed Covers By R-O-M / Bustin, Safe Fleet Brands

    R•O•M HOSE BED COVER / NFPA COMPLIANT WALK SURFACE R•O•M’s Hose Bed Cover features include a wide track to accept the tolerance demanded by the fire service, integrated deflector to protect the track when hose is deployed, and a manual override release quickly converts the system to manual... Read More
  • Hose Cart Racks & Winders By Groves Incorporated / Ready Rack

    Save time and eliminate back strain from carrying hoses with our Mobile Hose Cart. Mobile Hose Cart is a great way to replace old handmade storage racks. Four heavy duty casters with brakes allows for ease of rolling and hold the cart in place when loading or unloading. Heavy duty steel rails... Read More
  • Hose Dryers, Towers & PPE Drying Stand By Groves Incorporated / Ready Rack

    Mobile Hose Drier / Hose Tower, Features / Benefits With the MOBILE HOSE DRIER/HOSE TOWER, equipment dries naturally and quickly with fresh air, prolonging the life of your equipment. Holds 1200’ of 1 1/2” or 1 3/4” or up to 800’ of 2 1/2” or 3” double jacketed hose. Use to dry immersion... Read More
  • HoseCat Hose Coupling Assist Tool By Matjack/Indpls. Industrial Prod. Inc.

    HoseCat is a state-of-the-art tool to aid firefighters in the handling of NST and STORZ hose couplings The HoseCat 1 hose coupling assist tool which allows one firefighter to uncouple or recouple NST (National Standard Threaded) couplings quickly and safely. HoseCat II for Storz-type... Read More
  • Hospital First Receiver By Emergency Film Group

    DVD-based training package provides safety training for hospital personnel who may participate in decontamination of patients during mass casualty events. Provides at least 8 hours of OSHA Hazwoper training, leading to Operations Level certification. Follows accreditation standards of the Joint... Read More
  • HOTLINE By Wildfire

    HOTLINE by Wildfire is a full line of Niedner forestry hoses that have been equipping forestry water handling systems since 1895. The expertise resulting from this centennial journey has led to the continual offering of wide range of distinctive woven-jacketed hose products that set the bar for... Read More
  • HP StoreOnce By HP Inc.

    HP StoreOnce deduplication is a new class of software that leverages HP Labs technology innovations to deliver a more efficient way to accommodate data growth, without adding cost or reducing performance. HP StoreOnce deduplication can be used in multiple places in the data center. The... Read More
  • Hurst eDRAULIC SP 300 E Spreader By L.N. Curtis & sons

    Hydraulic power unleashed! Rescue equipment used to be hand-powered. Tools used to require power units and cumbersome hoses. Not anymore. eDRAULIC technology from Hurst offers the freedom of cordless operation with the same unmatched power you can always count on from Hurst tools. The new,... Read More
  • Hydration Packs By The Supply Cache, Inc.

    Hydration Systems to fit the type of job you perform. Whether digging line, driving a truck or dozer, we have the equipment for you. Read More
  • Hydraulic Generators By Fabco Power

    Piston or Gear type motors. Single to Three Phase. Read More
  • Hygiene & Sanitation Chemical Dispensers By Dosatron International

    Dosatron units feature superior engineering to create the most durable, easy-to-use, low-maintenance product on the market. We manage your chemical application through repeatability, regardless of fluctuations in pressure or flow. Dosatron also supports you every step of the way with world-class... Read More