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  • M7 In-Vehicle PC By Data911

    The M7 is Data911's newest generation in-vehicle PC. Dash-mounted, high-bright LED touch screen, faster processors, very low power draw, solid state drives available, industrial grade temp specs - best in the industry - backwards compatible with all generations of Data911in-vehicle computers. Read More
  • Magellan Weather Station By Columbia Weather Systems

    All-in-one sensor configuration with internal compass for wind direction auto-alignment. Five meteorological parameters in one sensor module: * Sonic wind speed and direction * Temperature, humidity, and pressure Benefits: * Rugged metal construction * Accurate and stable... Read More
  • MagneGrip Exhaust Removal Systems By Clean Aie Concepts

    Exhaust Removal Systems for firehouses. Connects to apparatus tailpipe to capture 100% of carcinogenic exhaust fume. Fully automatic, less maintenance than other systems. 1000s of installations nationwide. Satisfaction guaranteed. Read More
  • Magnetic Based Flag By Tactron Inc.

    Made of machine washable Poly/Cotton material, flag is 16″ x 16″ with two inch text and reflective striping front and back. Pole height is 51″ tall made of sturdy 3/4″ PVC material. Flags have a powerful magnetic base and break down for easy storage. Storage bag included. Please type custom flag... Read More
  • MAKO-LED By Mule Lighting

    An indoor/outdoor architecturally styled high performance LED Luminaire available with ‘normally-on’ operation powered by line voltage, emergency operation powered by a Nickel-Cadmium battery source or a combination of both. Low profile, die-cast aluminum housing available in four powder-coated... Read More
  • Manage Your Photos By 3F, LLC.

    We developed our own web server engine, we do not use unreliable open-source scripts like so many others do! Your business is our business, and we are here to make you look good. With a built-in search engine comparable to Google itself! With over 30 years experience in the commercial... Read More
  • Manikins & Training Aids By Lifesaving Resources

    Lifesaving Resources offers a complete line of basic life support, advanced life support, water rescue, technical rescue, and patient care manikins and training aids. Read More
  • Manning AirScan IR-F9 By BW Technologies by Honeywell

    Diffusion design sensor that allows all points of detection to be monitored continuously. The Manning AirScan™ IR-F9 responds to refrigerants over the range of 0-3000 ppm and features SensorCheck™ technology that continually monitors sensor performance. The Manning AirScan™ IR-F9 infrared... Read More
  • Mass Transit Camera Systems By Safety Vision

    Safety Vision offers a wide variety of on-board video surveillance systems specifically engineered for tough and lasting performance in any transit environment. Our suite of mobile video recorders ranges from rugged and durable DVRs, full high definition recorders, to Hybrid Video Recorders that... Read More
  • MatJack High Pressure Air Lifting Bags By Matjack/Indpls. Industrial Prod. Inc.

    Matjack high pressure air lifting bag require only 1" clearance and can lift several tons with the touch of a button. Primarily used in low insertion situations with heavy weights needing to be lifted such as, building lifting, rescue, load shifts, heavy recovery and machinery moving to name a... Read More
  • Matjack Low Pressure Air Bags By Matjack/Indpls. Industrial Prod. Inc.

    The Matjack Low Pressure Air Bags come in several different sizes and lifting capabilities. Matjack Low Pressure Air Bags are available in our basic kits. Basic kits consist of : 1 - Low Pressure Bag 1 - 25' x 1" (7.7m x 2.5cm)Hose with quick disconnect 1 - Single LP push button deadman... Read More
  • MatSack Leak Sealing Bag By Matjack/Indpls. Industrial Prod. Inc.

    The MatSack Air Bag Leak Sealing System is made with Dupont Barricade...The name you've trusted in hazmat protective gear for years. It's available as a system compatible with any high pressure air bags. MatSacks set up quickly, are simple to use, and get you well out of the immediate hazard... Read More
  • Max Wear Gloves by RQ3 Gear By Rescue 3 Int'l.

    Designed for the rigors of rope work in the water rescue field, the RQ3 Max-Wear Kevlar gloves feature a durable full Kevlar palm with the Kevlar extending all the way to the fingertips. These tough gloves give you a superior grip and are resilient for rescue situations. The back of the glove... Read More
  • MaxiForce Collapsible Traffic Control Bollards By MaxiForce™ Bollards

    MaxiForce collapsible traffic control bollards are available in two different operation options including the Standard Hydrant-Wrench Operated Bollard and the Standard Padlock Operated Bollard. All collapsible bollards include the following features: •Folds down to 3-9/16” high •Unlocks and... Read More
  • MaxiForce Fixed Traffic Control Bollards By MaxiForce™ Bollards

    Concrete Reinforceable (the removable head allows clean neat concrete fill without compromising the look), Available in matching styles to other MaxiForce bollards. Ideal in situations where traffic and security-control are needed. Because it is reinforceable, the Fixed Bollard can absorb a... Read More
  • MaxiForce Removable Traffic Control Bollard By MaxiForce™ Bollards

    Blue Ember Technologies offers 3 MaxiForce removable traffic control bollards including the Standard and Round Hydrant-Wrench Operated Bollard, Standard and Round Padlock Operated Bollard, and the Heavy-Duty Padlock Operated Bollard. Read More
  • MaxiForce Traffic Control Bollards By MaxiForce™ Bollards

    MaxiForce Traffic Control Bollards offer a complete and varied line of traffic control bollards for a wide range of applications. Our bollards are all designed to be completely serviceable and extremely customizable to match your needs in terms of look, function, and cost. Read More
  • MC1K Handheld Radiation Alert® Detector By S. E. International, Inc.

    The MC1K is a handheld survey meter using a built-in energy compensated GM detector. It detects gamma and x-rays up to 1000 mR/hr over 4 selectable ranges. A beep sounds and a count light flashes with each event detected. Read More
  • McLaski™ Wildland Combination Tool By Rescue 42

    Wildland firefighting has gone through enormous changes in the last hundred years, but the primary hand tools we use to fight those fires have not! To meet the needs of the modern firefighters who have to do more with less in a wildland environment filled with structures we have developed the... Read More
  • MEDALS By Entenmann-Rovin Co.

    all types of medals-life saving-purple heart-civillian officer of the year Read More
  • Medium Duty Rescue Vehicles By Hackney - VisionComms

    Medium Duty Rescue is defined as a body mounted on a chassis with a GVWR of 21,500 lbs up to 35,000 lbs typically mounted on a conventional cab/chassis. Available on Freightliner, GM, International, Kenworth, Sterling and other rated models. No other rescue body offers more cubic feet of... Read More
  • Medium pressure lifting cushions By Matjack/Indpls. Industrial Prod. Inc.

    Matjack medium pressure lifting cushions are used in a wide variety of lifting conditions. Primarily they are used by fire/rescue personnel, recovery operators and military personnel. Their use varies, but mostly they are designed to lift heavier loads in a more compact air cushion than low... Read More
  • MicroBurst 15700 M4 By Little Giant Ladder

    At first glance, the 4-foot Little Giant MicroBurst™ looks like a traditional A-frame stepladder, but there is nothing traditional about it. The MicroBurst’s unique pivoting top cap and patent-p ending StableLock™ spreader system fundamentally change the standard stepladder model. As the top cap... Read More
  • MicroBurst 15705 M6 By Little Giant Ladder

    At first glance, the 6-foot Little Giant MicroBurst™ looks like a traditional A-frame stepladder, but there is nothing traditional about it. The MicroBurst’s unique pivoting top cap and patent-pending StableLock™ spreader system fundamentally change the standard stepladder model. As the top cap... Read More
  • MicroBurst 15710 M8 By Little Giant Ladder

    At first glance, the 8-foot Little Giant MicroBurst™ looks like a traditional A-frame stepladder, but there is nothing traditional about it. The MicroBurst’s unique pivoting top cap and patent-pending StableLock™ spreader system fundamentally change the standard stepladder model. As the top cap... Read More
  • Mid Range Handheld Nozzle By Task Force Tips Inc

    MID-FORCE W/GRIP 1.5" NH (38mm) Automatic pressure control with a flow capacity of 70-200 gpm (260-760 l/min). Includes flush without shutting down, patented slide-type valve for turbulence-free flow control, six detent flow positions, and "Gasket Grabber" inlet screen. Lightweight hardcoat... Read More
  • Military By C E Niehoff & Co.

    N1000 Series N1100 Series N1200 Series N1300 Series N1500 Series N1600 Series Read More
  • Miller Turbo T-BAK Tie-Back Personal Fall Limiter By Miller Fall Prevention & Protection Training

    The first and only self-retracting lifeline designed to tie-back anywhere along the lifeline for greater mobility and convenience. Features an all-in-one design that incorporates a web retractable with 7.5-ft. working capacity and anchorage connector, reducing equipment required on the jobsite,... Read More
  • Miller TurboLite Personal Fall Limiter By Miller Fall Prevention & Protection Training

    Miller TurboLite Personal Fall Limiter (or self-retracting lifeline) -- a lightweight and compact alternative to shock-absorbing lanyards. With the compact and lightweight TurboLite PFL, workers will no longer need to ‘switch-out’ equipment to maintain a safe fall distance. • First... Read More
  • MIller Twin Turbo Personal Fall Limiter By Miller Fall Prevention & Protection Training

    Incorporates an innovative D-ring connector on the back of a full-body harness with two (2) Miller TurboLite™ Personal Fall Limiters (or self-retracting lifelines) for 100% tie-off fall protection. The Miller Twin Turbo 100% Tie-Off System: • Provides a unique connector that easily mounts to... Read More
  • Mining By C E Niehoff & Co.

    C300 Series C600 Series Read More
  • Mini-Tek D By Biotek Inc.

    The Mini-Tek D is a compact ALS drug. It is designed specifically to house supplies most critical to the needs of advanced life support. All items are individually held in place for unsurpassed organization, accessibility, and security against unnecessary breaking. A middle Acrylite insert is... Read More
  • Mobile Morgue Trailer By HazMat Medical

    Built "tough" and then certified by ISO Medical Trailer Manufacturer with over 25 years of experience. 8ft x8ft x16ft Trailer - Dual Axle 20 body capacity Fold down racking system 6200 Watt Electric generator + Shore Line connection 20 stainless steel body trays Front wall mounted... Read More
  • Model 71 Basket Stretcher By Ferno

    Constructed of a high-density polyethylene shell supported by a permanently attached, heavy-duty, aluminum frame. Molded-in runners and handholds make it easy to handle. Chemical, UV, rust, and corrosion resistant. Brass grommets are strategically located for quick use with Model 418-1... Read More
  • MOHAWK LIFTS By Mohawk Lifts

    Mohawk, the undisputed leader in lift technology, offers environmentally safe above ground lifts ranging from 6,000 to 240,000 pound capacities. Since 1981 Mohawk has manufactured the highest quality, safest auto and truck lifts available. Mohawk is the #1 lift supplier for all government,... Read More
  • Monitor 200 Handheld Digital Radiation Alert® Detector By S. E. International, Inc.

    The Monitor 200 measures alpha, beta, gamma, and x-rays. Its digital display shows readings in your choice of CPM, CPS, µSv/hr, mR/hr, or in accumulated counts. It has a red count light, and a beeper that sounds with each count detected. Other features include an adjustable timer, and selectable... Read More
  • Monitor 4 & 4EC Handheld Radiation Alert® Detector By S. E. International, Inc.

    The M4 and M4EC are compact, ergonomic, general purpose survey meters capable of detecting alpha, beta, gamma, and x-rays over 3 selectable ranges. A red count light flashes and a beep sounds with each event detected. The Monitor 4EC offers a more linear reading for gamma and x-rays (above 40 keV). Read More
  • Monsoon 2000 gpm Monitors By Task Force Tips Inc

    • TFT Monsoon Manual Monitor offers efficient flow performance up to 2000gpm with only 15psi loss, provides full 360 degree rotational movement, and is available with 3” or 4” ANSI 150 flanges, 3”or 4” NPT thread, or with extended flange inlets to eliminate rotational clearance issues. All... Read More
  • Motorola NTN6034, 7.5V, 5000mAH, Li-ION Impres Battery By BatteryJack, Inc.

    NTN6034, 7.5V, 5000mAH, Li-ION Impres Battery Fits: Motorola XTS3000,XTS3500,XTS5000,MTP200,MTP300,8294,8299,7004 Read More
  • MRD - High Output Series By Mule Lighting

    Indoor Emergency Lighting Unit The MRD High Output Series is an indoor emergency lighting unit with 54W capacity utilizing a sealed lead-calcium battery in 6 or 12 VDC. Supplied with two various wattage halogen MR16 lamps which provide increased spacing, additional run-time and/or increased... Read More
  • Multi-gas Portable Monitors By RKI Instruments Inc.

    RKI Instruments is a Mfg./Supplier of portable and fixed systems gas detection instruments. As the North American subsidiary of Riken Keiki Co, world leader in gas detection and sensor technology for over 70 years, RKI markets Riken products and actively develops its own product lines around... Read More
  • Multi-Purpose Emergency Bandage By By Dezign Products

    Multi-Purpose Emergency Bandage- In Emergency Situations Where Injury is a Result of External Trauma, Bandages are Among the First Equipment Used. New first-aid treatment device for the staunching of blood flow from traumatic hemorrhagic wounds in pre-hospital emergency situations.... Read More
  • Multi-Purpose Spill Response Kit, PP-T36 By PND Corp.

    Plug leaking fuel tanks or drums. Control leaks in valves and fittings. Read More
  • Multi-site, Multi-agency 2-way Radio Remote Control Solution By IDA

    Configuration schematic of remotely controlling and managing multi-site, multi-agency connectivity solution based on analog and digital 2-way radio communications. Read More
  • Municipal Emblems By A-B Emblem

    AB Emblem is Americas number one supplier of embroidered emblems for federal, state and city agencies. Our quality and prices are guaranteed the best in the industry, and we have the years of experience neccessary to deliver on time and on budget. Read More