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  • National Academies of Emergecny Dispatch By National Academies of Emergency Dispatch

    The NAED is a non-profit, standard-setting organization promoting safe and effective emergency dispatch services worldwide for 30 years. Comprised of three allied Academies for medical, fire and police dispatching, the NAED supports first responder-related research, unified protocol... Read More
  • National Firefighter Selection Inventory Exam By Industrial/Organizational Solutions

    The National Firefighter Selection Inventory™ (NFSI™) is a national entry-level examination tool that was engineered specifically to select qualified individuals for service as firefighters throughout the country. A fundamental aspect of the NFSI™ is that its testing platform is an alternative... Read More
  • National Public Safety Dispatcher Selection Inventory exam By Industrial/Organizational Solutions

    The NPSDSI is a high-tech, audio-based, job-simulation assessment that is easy to administer and measures critical dispatch skills, such as listening comprehension, problem-solving, multitasking and composure under stress as required in a typical dispatch setting.Presented to the candidates... Read More
  • New Deutsch Industrial Catalog By LADD Industries LLC

    LADD Industries Inc., the exclusive authorized US distributor for Deutsch Industrial environmentally sealed electrical connectors for critical applications and harsh environments, announces the release of an all-new comprehensive Deutsch Industrial catalog. Featuring over 150 pages of series... Read More
  • NFPA certified Nomax/Kevlar Fire gloves By Firequick Products Inc

    Gloves offer the ultimate in hand protection while allowing for maximum dexterity and easy fit with the Firequick Launcher. Gloves come in short or longer cuffs and meet the highest flame-resistance standards around, including NFPA 1971-07 for thermal resistance. Read More
  • NIMS for EOCs Training Video Package By Emergency Film Group

    DVD-based training package describes the function of the Emergency Operations Center and how it is staffed, organized and activated. Designed for federal, state, tribal and local emergency management personnel as well as private industry and disaster response organization personnel. Portrays how... Read More
  • NIMS Incident Command System Field Guide™- 2nd ed. By Informed Publishing

    Provides instant access to critical key points of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) that can help you make decisions fast. Read More

    The 1½" Belt with cam buckle uses a second strap (1") and second cam allowing the wearer to jettison the throw bag or tow line without removing the belt from around their waist - translates to the rescuer not risking the loss of their belt - mid rescue. Product Upgrade: We have modified the Bag... Read More
  • NORTH WATER : BEACHING BAG (L, M, S) By North Water Rescue

    Our versatile Beaching Bags are eminently suitable for storing wet Duty-Belts and Turn-Out Gear needing to dry before transfer to storage lockers. Large Beaching Bag unload your gear into this extra large reinforced mesh bag. Lightweight, quick drying and folds to almost nothing it will store... Read More

    Built-in floatation around its diameter which holds the bag open combine with the wide mouth to make stuffing this deluxe throw bag fast and easy. It has belt loops for the *BDB - Bag Deployment Belt™ (10TB-40, sold separately) and a side release buckle to anchor it to your boat. 10TB-31 : 70'... Read More
  • NORTH WATER : DUP POCKETLESS Pro System Rescue PFD - 20RES-39 series By North Water Rescue

    Our Pro System with all pockets and belts removed to reduce the risk of snagging. Read More

    By using a modular approach, firefighters, search and rescue and other swiftwater response teams can customize the "EDS" belt to meet specific requirements while addressing the broad range of a rescuers needs. With a floatation equipped belt and a rated “swiftwater blow-out buckle”; on either... Read More
  • NORTH WATER : ENFORCEMENT PFD - 20RES-38 series By North Water Rescue

    Designed for Enforcement Teams requiring superior floatation to support the weight and additional bulk of duty belts, ballistic armour and turn-out gear. Floatation is rated to support 30+ pounds (13.6 kg). ENFORCEMENT PFD - 20RES-38 series (North America) ARMED SERVICES' PFD - 20RES-38 series... Read More

    Built to complete a QR Belt (10 TB-05b) equipped Rescue PFD or Rescue Vest. This tubular webbing enables an entrapped person to assist a rescuer in their own extrication. Mounted on the chest area of the PFD, the carabiner can be reached with either hand and remains exposed in the event of a... Read More

    This large bag is designed to hold a full Kootenay High Line system or other large rope system. It has a large main body that will hold two 200’ (60m) of 7/16” (11mm) lines and a complete load and belay system in the outside pocket. As a high line bag it will hold 300’ (90m) of 1/2” (12mm) line,... Read More
  • NORTH WATER : K9 PD FLOATER By North Water Rescue

    Our new PFD has been designed and tested with Police Department K9 Units. It is built to be used with or without ballistic protection and works with conventional harness systems to eliminate off leash time. The closed cell foam provides neutral buoyancy and protects against abrasion and blunt... Read More
  • NORTH WATER : LINE ACROSS BAG By North Water Rescue

    Our SRT System Bag is designed for the swiftwater technician or commercial paddler. The bag is built for accessing wrapped boats and building tension diagonals. It is small enough to carry on board or for swimming with it on your back, and it is big enough to hold the gear required to build a... Read More
  • NORTH WATER : PIG TAIL By North Water Rescue

    Get boats and swimmers to shore with a tubular webbing bungy tow that extends from 24" – 40". The stainless steel D-ring attaches to a QR Belt on the back of a PFD. The carabiner clips to the front of the PFD for quick access. In a pinned or broached situation, a Pig Tail can be helpful. Once a... Read More
  • NORTH WATER : PRO SYSTEM Rescue PFD - 20RES-37 series By North Water Rescue

    For over 20 years we have designed and built specialized swiftwater rescue Personal Floatation Devices (PFD’s) for trained professionals. Year after year we continue to set the standards that others follow. This year we introduce a PFD that will revolutionize how professionals approach... Read More

    This high performance rescue belt is built for lifejackets or PFDs that do not have a quick-release chest harness or require an upgrade from light duty belts often found on recreational PFDs. Sturdy and reliable, this belt has a 1200 lb. rating. It comes with an easy-to-locate red bobble on the... Read More
  • NORTH WATER : RESCUE KIT By North Water Rescue

    This kit keeps some of the essentials close at hand: 1 pulley, 2 prussiks, 2 non-locking carabiners, and a 16-foot length of 1" tubular webbing for an anchor or quick harness. These combined with a length of 60 foot, 1/4+" Spectra carried in a Throw Bag or Belt System, gives you the basic tools... Read More

    We offer Polypropylene, H20Pro, and Spectx Rope. Spectrx is our High Tensile Rope Replacement for Spectra. Due to current world events, there is a severe shortage of Spectra leaving suppliers scrambling to meet military requirements. This has left the civilian market searching for a reliable... Read More
  • NORTH WATER : SAR SYSTEM BAG By North Water Rescue

    The Fire/Rescue and SAR System Bag is designed for high angle and over embankment rescue. The bag is sized to accommodate the required equipment to build either a load or belay system. With all the same features as the SRT system bag but bigger, it is designed to go anywhere. Size: 8.5”... Read More
  • NORTH WATER : TEC THROW BAG By North Water Rescue

    * 70’ x 3/8” floating polypropylene rope. * Teardrop shape makes for an efficient throw. * Reflective tape increases visibility in low light conditions and night use. * Red only Tec TB Large poly pro - 70’ X 3/8” 10TB-20 Tec TB Small poly pro - 70’ x 1/4" 10TB-21 Tec TB Large Spectrx - 60’ x... Read More
  • NORTH WATER : WCK CANYON LINER By North Water Rescue

    This amazing piece of gear was put together in association with World Class Kayak Academy. It is perfect for steep creeking and great for belaying boats and equipment. Long enough to use as a quick harness, anchoring, safety rigging and quick support for both on and off water applications. Its... Read More
  • NORTH WATER : WEDGE THROW BAG By North Water Rescue

    High tenacity 420 pack cloth makes it durable enough you will be able to replace the rope and keep the bag well into the future. This aerodynamic shape throws like a dream. As its floatation is sewn around its girth the bag is pliable in its entirety and remarkably easy to stuff. Its flexible... Read More
  • NotePad V - Universal Cradle By Gamber-Johnson LLC

    The NotePad™ V is the next version of universal computer cradles in a long line of industry proven cradles from Gamber-Johnson. Dating back to the original release of the NotePad™ in 1995, Gamber-Johnson’s NotePad™ product line has stood for product quality, innovation and safety. Each new... Read More
  • Novacool UEF Foam By R. Nickeson Enterprises/ Novacool UEF Foam

    Novacool UEF Foam, a multi-purpose fire extinguishing foam, replaces aqueous film-forming foams (AFFF) and ozone-depleting halon gases, which release both toxic hydrofluoric acid and fluorocarbons into the environment during use. Novacool UEF provides an innovative, highly effective, and... Read More
  • NT2 By RESQTEC, Inc.

    NT-series have become the standard in lifting and creating space between structures, as they provide the answer to the limitations and drawbacks you face with your current lifting tools. High performance but easy to deploy, they will become one of your favorite tools to use. The NT-2 has a... Read More
  • NT4 By RESQTEC, Inc.

    NT-4 NT-series have become the standard in lifting and creating space between structures, as they provide the answer to the limitations and drawbacks you face with your current lifting tools. High performance but easy to deploy, they will become one of your favorite tools to use. The NT-4 has a... Read More
  • NT8 By RESQTEC, Inc.

    NT-series have become the standard in lifting and creating space between structures, as they provide the answer to the limitations and drawbacks you face with your current lifting tools. High performance but easy to deploy, they will become one of your favorite tools to use. The NT-8 has a... Read More
  • Nupla hand tools By Nupla Corp.

    Nupla manufacturers the finest striking and diggings tools. All Nupla tools feature Lifetime Nuplaglas handles for strength, safety, and durability Smooth, resin rich Nupla handle surfaces protect users from splinters and resist UV deterioration Nuplaglas handles are flame resistant up to... Read More