Products in the Fire Officer Marketplace

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  • Pacific Helmets (NZ) Ltd By Pacific New Zealand

    Specialists in the design and manufacture of helmets for emergency services. Cutting edge composite materials give Pacific Helmets a superior strength to weight ratio. Commited to providing quality, safety and comfort. Our helmets are certified to all major global standards. Read More
  • Paramedic Exam By Industrial/Organizational Solutions

    I/O Solutions offers a complete line of emergency medical services examinations. These certification-style, job-knowledge examinations ensure that your emergency medical services employees possess the requisite knowledge to perform their jobs competently. Each exam measures knowledge areas that... Read More
  • Parat X-treme By Permalight (Asia) Co., Ltd

    Parat X-treme handheld / helmet mounted intrinsically safe lights and penlights are modular in design allowing to freely interchange Xenon and LED (white & amber) light modules. The lights are ATEX and IECEx certified to be safely operated in explosive gas and explosive dust zones. OEM finish... Read More
  • PASSPORT™ Fire Pump By Waterous Co.

    The revolutionary design of the PASSPORT™ pump began with a blank sheet and one objective: create a new benchmark for fire pumps worldwide. By seamlessly integrating aluminum and composite components, the industry's best engineers created a single-stage fire pump that is EN 1028 and NFPA 1901... Read More
  • Patented Universal Baby Moons By RealWheels Corporation

    Don't worry about the number of locators on your front Hubs — These Patented Universal Baby Moons handle them all! High-quality, non-magnetic 304L stainless steel — will never rust, pit, corrode or turn yellow. • The only Patented Universal Front Axle Cover, used for front wheels... Read More
  • Patented Universal High Hats By RealWheels Corporation

    Wheel manufacturers do not recommend under-the-lug mounting systems. That’s why RealWheels Patented High Hat Mounting Systems make so much sense! High-quality, non-magnetic 304L stainless steel — will never rust, pit, corrode or turn yellow. • They do not disturb wheel balance.... Read More
  • Paul Conway Helmets By Paul Conway Fire

    Paul Conway Shields is proud to announce the new standard in response time; 7 days. Thats right order your Paul Conway Helmet and custom built Shield together and we will ship them to you in a 7 business days. Select your helmet and then go into the shield builder and build your shield.... Read More
  • Paul Conway Shields By Paul Conway Fire

    Custom front shields for every fighter's needs, with our first rate shield builder it's easy to build your own, whether it be gold/silver leaf, standard or mini. Quality, Reliability and quality customer service have made us America's #1 Helmet Shield Manufacturer. Read More
  • Pegasus FLX Portable Weather Station By Columbia Weather Systems

    End-to-end portable weather monitoring solution for tactical operations. Standard sensors include 360-degree wind direction, wind speed, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity. Modular system with additional sensor options. All portable weather station systems include: * Rugged, roller... Read More
  • Personnel Accountability Products By Tactron Inc.

    Personnel Accountability Products Read More
  • Pet Emergency Pocket Guide™ 2nd edition By Informed Publishing

    Be one of the first to own this new edition complete with sections on pet CPR, first aid, nutrition, toxic food and plants, and more for dogs, cats and pocket pets. It's hot off the press. Read More
  • Physical Tests for Worker Selection By MED-TOX Health Services

    Validates job-related physical screening selection and placement tests for employers. Tests can be work simulation or ability tests depending upon the employer's needs and the situation. Tests are designed to comply with EEOC and ADA regulations. Read More
  • Pioneer™ and Pioneer Plus™ Series By Whelen Engineering Company, Inc.

    All the performance and reliability benefits of Whelen's latest LED technology! Now you can upgrade your outdated halogen or HID lighting with a Pioneer or Pioneer Plus. Floodlights available in three voltages, 12, 24VDC or 120 volts AC. New Spotlight and combination Spotlight/Floodlight... Read More
  • Plaques By Cruise Master Engraving

    Custom state shaped axe plaque with your full color logo or patch. Optional badge mount. Chrome or gold axe. Read More
  • Pocket Commander By Tactron Inc.

    A basic management tool for implementing your incident command and accountability systems. Will assist first arriving officers and other key personnel to organize and track tactical assignments, apparatus and personnel. Also facilitates Division/Group and Staging organization. Incorporates... Read More
  • Police Mobile Camera Systems By Safety Vision

    Safety Vision delivers the highest level of law enforcement surveillance by providing cost-effective and custom tailored solutions that utilize the latest technology. Officers entrust in our proven equipment and software to help serve as a complete digital evidence capture and management... Read More
  • Portable Eyewash Model 7500 By Haws

    Haws portable Model 7500 is ideal for remote locations. Using gravity to supply a continuous flow of clean water to injured personnel for a full 15 minutes at .4gpm, this model is a reliable source for safety. Recognizing the 7500’s full patterned flushing feature, those working in remote areas... Read More
  • Portable Fire Pumps By Waterous Co.

    Portable Fire Pumps Combine Muscle with Mobility Waterous diesel- and gasoline-powered motor portable fire pumps combine the muscle of the Waterous vehicle-mounted pumps with the convenience of their own power source. Each model, whether skid-mounted, trailer-mounted or portable, delivers the... Read More
  • Portable Water Tanks By National Fire Fighter Corp.

    Portable water tanks provide back-up facilities for fire fighting when water supplies are low. Read More
  • Porta-CAFS® By Firematic Supply Co. Inc

    Firematic International has introduced an affordable compressed air foam system. This new system named Porta-CAFS®, upgrades your capability by increasing the effectiveness and safety of firefighters in limited water and personnel conditions. Compressed air foam has a proven track record of 3 to... Read More
  • Power Roller By RollNRack LLC

    The RollNRack Power Roller is an easy to use, portable fire hose roller that self-propels around curves and down the length of the hose. This all-in-one tool makes for effortless fire hose draining and rolling while using the correct body mechanics and never lifting hose rolls. A brush whisks... Read More
  • PowerArc By PowerArc, The Fire Products Co.

    Manufacturers of the only patented oscillating LED and halogen emergency warning lights specifically designed for the fire/rescue market. By oscillating the warning signal, the energy is concentrated only into the visible areas, creating brighter more efficient warning lights. “Our lights don’t... Read More
  • Power-Fill Foam Tank Refill Systems By FoamPro - Pentair Water

    The Power-Fill is an electronically-controlled, pre-plumbed, self-priming, concentrate refill system that will save you time and increase the safety of your firefighters. With the simple push of a button or switch, they quickly reload on-board foam cells, without messy spillage. Most... Read More
  • PowerFlare LED Safety Flares By Tactical LEDs LLC

    The PowerFlare is a simple, rugged, military-grade device designed to outperform and replace incendiary flares. Each hockey puck-sized PowerFlare features the latest LED technology to create 10 mile 360-degree visibility perfect for applications ranging from traffic control to tactical operations. Read More
  • POWERFlexx+® Powered Cot By Ferno

    The POWERFlexx+ System delivers advanced power management features and in-the-fastener charging to keep you powered on every call without having to lug around extra batteries or take them out to charge. The POWERFlexx+™ Powered Ambulance Cot also features 700lb unassisted lift capacity. The... Read More
  • POWERLINE By Niedner Inc.

    Niedner also offers fire hose supply specialty to support you in saving lives. Please choose from one of the fire hose supply categories below. Read More
  • PowerUnit By RESQTEC, Inc.

    There is a lot to tell about a power unit, but you probably just want to know if it always works and delivers the necessary power to the tool. The answer is yes, so no worries. The Mini / Maxi -series are equipped with high flow pumps to give speed and performance. They do not lose speed when... Read More
  • PPE/Protective Wear By The Supply Cache, Inc.

    Personal Protective Equipment is more than a requirement; it is a choice of style, fit, and comfort. Safety glasses and goggles to protect your eyes, ear plugs to protect your hearing, shrouds and masks to protect your lungs, helmets to protect your head and Nomex to protect your skin. Find the... Read More
  • Prescription Eyewear By Oakley US Standard Issue

    US Standard Issue offers eyewear available with single vision, distance, prescription lenses for your convenience. If you provide a bifocal/progressive prescription, only the distance portion will be manufactured. Your preferred style frame can now be purchased with a personalized prescription... Read More
  • Prevention Connection Public Safety Education By Prevention Connection International

    Public safety education does not just happen; support and assistance is required. Prevention Connection has teamed up with experts who have years of experience and the shared desire and passion to help. Look for strategies that rectify misconceptions such as how merely distributing plastic fire... Read More
  • Pro Series 10102BP M17 By Little Giant Ladder

    The PRO Series is Little Giant’s homage to the professionals who have helped make the Little Giant ladder what it is today. It is constructed with heavy wall, aerospace-grade aluminum and the highest quality practices to withstand daily heavy duty use. The Triple Lock Hinges and telescoping... Read More
  • Pro Series 10103BP M22 By Little Giant Ladder

    The PRO Series is Little Giant’s homage to the professionals who have helped make the Little Giant ladder what it is today. It is constructed with heavy wall, aerospace-grade aluminum and the highest quality practices to withstand daily heavy duty use. The Triple-Lock Hinges and telescoping... Read More
  • Pro Series 10126BP M26 By Little Giant Ladder

    The PRO Series is Little Giant’s homage to the professionals who have helped make the Little Giant ladder what it is today. It is constructed with heavy wall, aerospace-grade aluminum and the highest quality practices to withstand daily heavy duty use. The Triple Lock Hinges and telescoping... Read More
  • Pro Throwbag by RQ3 Gear By Rescue 3 Int'l.

    Pro Rescue Throwbag - RQ3 Pro Rescue Throwbag Our Pro bag was designed with advice from rescuers as to what would make the perfect bag. We added a padded side pocket to store a carabiner in, and reflective tape. One Omega locking D carabiner is included with each bag. Features: Length:... Read More
  • PRO500™ By Husky® Portable Containment

    Husky Portable Containment proudly introduces our newest tank liner, the PRO500™ Husky Portable Containment has designed a new folding frame tank liner called the “PRO500™”, patent pending. The PRO500™ is designed with mega capacity in mind. It has specially designed “bladders” welded to the... Read More
  • Pro-Alert Area of Rescue Assistance Systems By Jeron Electronic Systems

    Jeron’s Area of Rescue Assistance products fulfill the increasingly common communication requirements of high-rise buildings and other institutional facilities having to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 as well as the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and NFPA 72 National... Read More
  • Programmable Switch Panel System By InPower, LLC

    InPower's VCMS Programmable Switch Panel System is a modular, programmable switch panel system used for controlling vehicle 12 volt auxiliary devices. The system can be configured to fit a wide range of applications to operate devices such as lights, beacons, fans, compressors and pumps. The... Read More
  • Proportioning Systems By FoamPro - Pentair Water

    FoamPro offers the ultimate proportioning system for your new or retrofit apparatus. Our flow-based, microprocessor-controlled technology allows concentrate to be delivered on demand. By injecting into the discharge side, proportioning performance is not affected by external factors such as... Read More
  • PRX Distribution Proximity Voltage Detector By HD Electric Company

    HDE's new PRX Distribution Proximity Voltage Detector compliments our very successful PRX-500 launched last year. Due to customer demands from those who wanted only a distribution voltage proximity detector, HDE has designed the PRX-69D to fill that demand. The PRX-69D is a non-contact... Read More
  • Public Fire Educator Training By Prevention Connection International

    Ready for your Public Fire & Life Safety Educator Training? We have it at Prevention Connection! Just look at the courses we offer: •Public Fire and Life Safety Educator Level I •Public Fire and Life Safety Educator Level II •Public Fire and Life Safety Educator Level III •Public Fire and... Read More
  • Pulsar Weather Stations By Columbia Weather Systems

    Top-of-the-line weather station model offers the ease of all-in-one sensor head with several different meteorological parameter configurations to choose from including lightning detection. Requires Weather MicroServer or Weather Display Console. Features • Choice of sensor configuration in... Read More
  • Pumper Tanker By Summit Fire Apparatus

    Custom built stainless steel dryside body with stainless steel sub-frame, large 36”H x 50”L x 25”D forward compartments with roll up doors. Extended stainless steel body sides for optional hosebed. Other Options: * 3 stainless steel Newton electric actuated dump valves * Side dump valves... Read More
  • Pumpers By Ferrara Fire Apparatus Inc.

    Heavy Duty. Custom. Craftsmanship. It's what you've come to expect from Ferrara. All of our construction is heavy duty, from our industry leading extruded aluminum bodies, to our traditional 12 gauge galvanneal or 3/16" thick formed aluminum bodies, or our premium 12 gauge stainless steel... Read More