Products in the Fire Officer Marketplace

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  • R.E.D. Wagon By Summit Fire Apparatus

    R.E.D. Wagon (Remote Evacuation & Deployment) This is Summit's newest product, it was introduced at FDIC 2010. The wagon is designed to be pulled behind an RTV. Transport 6 team members into a "hot zone". Fold up the seats and use the on-board Stokes Baskets to transport injured patients. * 7... Read More
  • R2S By RESQTEC, Inc.

    > RESQTEC develops and manufactures products primarily dedicated to extricate victims from entrapped positions or recovering heavy structures like aircraft (A/C). Aircraft recovery (AR) is a complex and time-consuming operation. R2S > R2S (Rapid Recovery Solution) is a newly developed, modular... Read More
  • Radiation Alert Area Monitor By S. E. International, Inc.

    The Radiation Alert® Area Monitor is one of the most user friendly, all inclusive, state of the art radiation area monitors available. The easy to use interface is an intelligent resistive touch screen display featuring a large five digit LED readout. It comes with either an internal or... Read More
  • Radiation Alert Ranger By S. E. International, Inc.

    The Ranger offers maximum performance in a lightweight, rugged solution for surveying at the facility or in the field. The Ranger has been designed for industrial environments, but it still has all of the features you’ve come to love in the lab. The Ranger is a small, handheld,... Read More
  • Radiation Monitoring By Emergency Film Group

    Comprehensive & thorough, this new program trains emergency personnel in mission specific Operations Level competencies. It is designed for emergency personnel who may respond to incidents involving radiation resulting from accidents, natural disasters or terrorism. This new program: •Follows... Read More
  • Rail / Industrial By C E Niehoff & Co.

    A1-100 Series A1-300 Series A1-600 Series C100 Series C300 Series C600 Series Read More
  • Rain Gauges By NovaLynx Corporation

    NovaLynx manufactures a complete line of instruments for measurement of rainfall, including tipping bucket rain gauges, National Weather Service type standard rain and snow gauges, and forestry gauges. We also offer several methods of retrieving and viewing gathered measurements, and accessories... Read More
  • Rapid Intervention Crew By Emergency Film Group

    The Rapid Intervention Crew is a unit made up of emergency responders trained in emergency scene rescue techniques. The Crew's objective is to rescue emergency responders who become trapped, injured or missing during response activities. This program provides training for those personnel.... Read More
  • Ready Rack PPE Dryer By Groves Incorporated / Ready Rack

    » Custom built for firefighter turnout gear (PPE) and hoses. » Simple controls with factory preset temperatures ensure proper drying temperature for each unique clothing or turnout item. » It is made from heavy-duty steel construction with a white powder coat finish. » Standard accessories... Read More
  • RealMag™ Hub Covers By RealWheels Corporation

    Not Spinners--Just the Classic Styling of American Mag Wheels! Manufactured from high impact, chrome plated ABS, the RealMag™ offers over-the-lug installation on 22.5" and 24.5" aluminum or steel wheels. Patent Pending. Note: Does not fit rear wide base wheels. Durable, high impact ABS with... Read More
  • Red Rack Gear Storage By Groves Incorporated / Ready Rack

    Designed for maximum air circulation, Red Rack™ and Dry Kwik accessories help PPE and gear dry faster and last longer. Our system creates maximum organization which helps shave precious extra seconds off your response times; helping you serve your community better! Wall Mounted Red... Read More

    High Performance Gloves . Fingertip caps ( to protect fingertips and fingernails) . Padded Spandex upper (comfortable fit, stretches to fit your hand) . Secure Grip ( Wet or Dry ) . Glove Cuff ( Allows air flow & prevents debris entry) . Unique Grip Pattern ( encourages safe grip) .... Read More
  • Refurb and Service By SVI Trucks

    SVI offers service and repair from cracked tanks, to maintenance, to collision repair. We have the equipment, knowledge and expertise to help get you going. Read More
  • Regular Gazelle Steel Basket Stretcher By Ferno

    The Gazelle Series Basket Stretchers include three distinct versions in an all-carbon-steel, MIG welded frame construction. All three rely on its frame geometry, construction methods and materials for its ultimate strength. The Gazelle Series are made using a tubular, 19mm top frame as well... Read More
  • Regulators By Responsive Respiratory

    Responsive Respiratory offers a full line of regulators from home care (0-8 LPM), hospital (0-15 LPM), pediatric (0-4 LPM) to EMS (0-25 LPM). Our innovative Flow by Color gauge guards are a value-added solution that easily identifies the regulator as standard flow (black), pediatric (vibrant... Read More
  • Remote Control System MODEL 24-66 TONE Remote By IDA

    TONE Remote Controller for control of two way radio base station. Read More
  • Remote Control System Model 24-66VOIP By IDA

    VOIP Remote Controller for control of two way radio base station. Read More
  • Rental Generators By Cummins Inc.

    A new line of Rental Power units designed specifically for rental power applications are now for sale in sizes from 60 kW to 1000 kW. The new units offer benefits that include: Easy–to–operate customer interface — allowing quick voltage changes to maximize flexibility and minimize setup.... Read More
  • Rescue & Retrieval Equipment By Pelsue Company

    From davit systems to tripods, Pelsue has the safety equipment to meet the most demanding emergency situations. Everything in our fall arrest line is designed, engineered and manufactured by us — we've even patented several of our products. We offer a complete line of OSHA required fall... Read More
  • Rescue Alive By Angel-Guard Products

    RESCUE ALIVE enables your rescuer to run over very thin ice by distributing his weight over a large surface or to paddle through open water to reach a victim quickly. The unit weighs 88 pounds and provides 600 pounds of flotation. The unit is deployed by releasing one Velcro™ strap, which is... Read More
  • RescueProtectionSet By RescueProtectionSet

    ! !SPECIAL BUDGET-PRICING TILL THE END OF THE YEAR ! ! This handy set has been specially designed to protect fire fighters and other emergency service workers who have to rescue casualties from vehicles that have been involved in an accident. The RescueProtectionSet™ is produced using... Read More
  • Rescues By Ferrara Fire Apparatus Inc.

    Ferrara Heavy Rescues feature the strongest rescue bodies in the industry with the widest variety of body styles. Get one custom built to your specifications on an Inferno, Igniter, Ember or Intruder 2 custom chassis. Medium Rescues from Ferrara are custom designed, individually engineered and... Read More
  • Respond C5 Conserver By Responsive Respiratory

    The Respond C5 Conserver is the patients' choice with it's ultra-quiet, sensitive and patient-friendly design. 2-in-1 function with built in regulator for continuous flow use of 2, 3 or 4 LPM. 5:1 Conservation ratio (1, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 LPM). Uses standard, off the shelf cannula.... Read More
  • Respond O2 Conserver By Responsive Respiratory

    Featuring dual modes for versatility, the Respond O2 Dual Lumen Conserver is 100% regulator or 100% conserver to meet your needs. A twist of the knob adjusts from conserve to continuous mode and back. 1-6 LPM setting range (1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6), dual lumen technology with... Read More
  • Response to Illicit Drug Labs By Emergency Film Group

    This program provides meth lab response training for emergency personnel who may encounter a clandestine drug lab during routine calls, or who may be involved in taking down a lab. It is an ideal resource for law enforcement, hazmat teams, EMS, and other emergency personnel. Topics covered... Read More
  • Res-Q-Saw By Res-Q-Jack®, Inc.

    - Designed to cut steel, aluminum, and stainless steel without heat, burrs, or coolant. Also cuts wood. - Powerful 1750 watt motor copes with the heaviest of work. - Earth grounded and doubly insulated. - Maximum reach 3-1/4" & thickness 1/2 inch. - Long life blade cuts up to 260' of 1/4" steel... Read More
  • RJ3 Stabilization and Lifting Strut By Res-Q-Jack®, Inc.

    With a mechanical 4,000 lb. built-in jack, the RJ3 Jack Stands boast infinitesimal height adjustment along with the ability to transition from basic stabilization to lifting in a matter of seconds. The Space Saver collapses to just about 3’, and the Standard RJ3 is the most customizable strut... Read More
  • RN Pocket Guide™- 2nd ed. By Informed Publishing

    Whether you are a beginning or experienced nurse, the RN Pocket Guide™ will prove to be an essential tool throughout your career. This is the resource that recent graduates as well as lifelong nurses depend on to keep a comprehensive library of information at their fingertips. At only 3"x5",... Read More
  • RoadBASE By Chevin Fleet Solutions LLC

    RoadBASE is the most flexible and adaptable Windows-based Fleet Management solution available, enabling you to control and report on every aspects of your fleet operation. With the added flexibility of user definable reports and screen layouts, RoadBASE® lets you use your own terminology and... Read More
  • Roadblock 1500 Series Urethane Wheel Chocks By Checkers Safety Group

    Checkers Industrial Safety Products Roadblocks 1500 Series Urethane Wheel Chocks are designed for over-the- road trucks and trailers. They are strong, safe and lightweight. Impact absorbing chocks grip tire and road, will not cause tire or pavement damage and are oil and chemical resistant. For... Read More
  • Roadblock 2514 Series All-Terrain Urethane Wheel Chocks By Checkers Safety Group

    Designed for fire protection vehicles with a wheel diameter of up to 44". Checkers Industrial Safety Products Roadblocks 2514 Series All-Terrain Urethane Wheel Chocks are specifically designed for use on fire equipment. They comply with NFPA1901-09 and meet SAE-J348 standard for up to 44... Read More
  • Roadblocks 2512 Series All-Terrain Urethane Wheel Chocks By Checkers Safety Group

    Designed for fire protection vehicles with a wheel diameter of up to 32". Checkers Industrial Safety Products Roadblocks 2512 Series All-Terrain Urethane Wheel Chocks are specifically designed for use on fire equipment. They comply with NFPA 1901-09 and meet SAE-J348 standard for up to 32... Read More
  • Roadblocks 450 Series Rubber Wheel Chocks By Checkers Safety Group

    Checkers Industrial Safety Products Roadblocks 450 Series Rubber Wheel Chocks feature the chock design used by most utility and telephone fleets. They are strong, safe and resistant to damage from UV, moisture, salt and oils. Their traction design grips tire and road and will not cause tire or... Read More
  • Rollgliss™ R500 By Capital Safety (DBI-SALA & PROTECTA)

    The Rollgliss™ R500 offers the choice of controlled descent rescue, evacuation or the versatility of assisted rescue with lifting capabilities. This state-of-the-art, fully automatic controlled descent device sets new standards of performance and safety in the rescue market. The system excels in... Read More
  • RollNRack By RollNRack LLC

    Never lift heavy rolls of LDH again! Transport and load LDH safer, quicker and with fewer people. Prevent injuries and extend your valuable manpower while transporting and loading your fire hose. After hose is drained, it is manually rolled and the coupling is left at 12:00. Facing the open... Read More
  • RollNRack w/LDH DA By RollNRack LLC

    This attachment is ideal for draining residual water from long straight LDH lays. Faster and safer than shoulder draining, it makes draining large diameter hose a quick, one-firefighter operation. It's easy to attach and remove and carries a convenient set of Kocheck® wrenches. After couplings... Read More
  • RollTek® - side roll protection system By IMMI

    RollTek deploys with a quarter of a second to help protect firefighters in a rollover. Read More
  • Roll-Up Doors By R-O-M / Bustin, Safe Fleet Brands

    R•O•M ROLL-UP DOORS are: MANUAFCTURED TO ISO 9001 STANDARDS IN THE USA CONCAVE INDIVIDUAL SLAT DESIGN WITH CO-EXTRUDED INNERSEAL •Prevents loose equipment from hindering door operation; •Innerseal eliminates metal-to-metal contact and prevents dirt and moisture... Read More
  • Rookie Sidekick / 3" Gas Model By Deschutes River Mfg. LLC

    This motorized hose roller rolls 3⁄4-inch to 3-inch fire hose and is especially well suited for wildland use. Weighing less than 150 pounds, The Rookie SideKick mounts easily on any ATV rack or vehicle receiver hitch. It rolls fire hoses from three different directions without moving the... Read More
  • Rope Tracker By SMC ~ Seattle Manufacturing Corporation

    The SMC Rope Tracker is engineered to secure, capture, protect and manage multiple ropes when negotiatng difficult edge transitions. The SMC Rope Tracker is manufactured from a high quality durable abrasion resistant thermoplastic blend to minimize weight and maximize strength. The SMC Rope... Read More