Products in the Fire Officer Marketplace

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  • Tall Cylinder Racks - ISO/DOT By American Airworks™

    American Airworks DOT & ISO cylinder racks are built for stationary and mobile applications for both vertical and horizontal placement and come in many cylinder configurations. Our DOT and ISO cylinder racks are manufactured using heavy welded steel, powder coated black in color and each... Read More
  • Tank Racks By Husky® Portable Containment

    Husky manufacturers Portable Tank Racks in all sizes. Stainless steel and aluminum available with diamond plate windbreaks optional. Manually operated, easy to install, bolts right in! Read More
  • Tanker By Summit Fire Apparatus

    SUMMIT’S NEW TANKER – Little Bread For Water Where You Need It Summit Fire Apparatus is introducing a new Tanker, it is NFPA compliant with intuitive controls yet moderately priced. The men who engineer and build Summit’s affordable tankers are the same men who build heavy rescues and million... Read More
  • Tankers By Ferrara Fire Apparatus Inc.

    Ferrara’s wide variety of tankers and tenders are available as a traditional tanker/tender or a pumper-tanker. Choose from a pumper style body, rescue pumper body, wet wall tanker or elliptical. The construction method for our tankers/tenders is always heavy duty, just like the rest of... Read More
  • Tax-Exempt Lease Financing By Leasing 2 Inc.

    Leasing 2 offers financing for anything a fire department buys including real estate. We are national in scope, we can usually structure a loan to meet your requirements, our interest rates are as low as you will find, and our service is unbeatable. Read More
  • Technical Rescue Products By Lifesaving Resources Read More
  • Technical Services By RKI Instruments Inc.

    RKI offers technical service and repair on all our products worldwide. Read More
  • TeleCrib® Stabilization System By Rescue 42

    The Advanced Kevlar® Composite TeleCrib® Stabilization System is a lightweight, compact, telescoping stabilization tool designed for rescuer and patient safety during extrication. The superior properties of the advanced Kevlar® composite material makes the TeleCrib® Struts 4 times stronger than... Read More
  • Telescopic Steel Covers and Engineered Assemblies By A&A Mfg. Co. Inc.

    A&A Gortite designs and manufactures metal telescoping covers to provide maximum protection in the most rugged machine tool applications.When it comes to protecting your machinery equipment, A&A has over 40 years of application experience designing and delivering the proper cover for your... Read More
  • Tents By Creative Canopy Design

    Creative Canopy Design carries the unique StarShade and StarTwin series of KD Kanopy tents. With the stunning design of these tents your organization will stand out in a crowd. The tents are made with a commercial grade oxford polyester that is fire retardant, water resistant and UV... Read More
  • Terminator Carbide Chain Saw Chain By Rapco Industries Inc.

    Terminator carbide tipped chain saw chain is specifically designed and engineered for extremely difficult and demanding conditions encounterd by firefighters. When firefighters need to make quick, efficient roof ventilation cuts, they trust Terminator carbide-tipped saw chain from Rapco. More... Read More
  • TerrAdaptor By SMC ~ Seattle Manufacturing Corporation

    The TerrAdaptor™ is the most versatile portable anchor systems available for use in rescue, industrial and wilderness environments. This revolutionary system is the result of the combined years of experience in design, engineering and manufacturing of equipment by Seattle Manufacturing... Read More
  • Test aerials and ground ladders. By American Test Center

    Test Aerial Devices and Ground Ladders to NFPA ANNUAL and NDT requirements. Onsite services nationwide. Contact the ATC office for proposals and scheduling at or call 800-451-9087. Read More
  • TFT DS1024 Nozzle By L.N. Curtis & sons

    TWISTER NOZZLE 1" NH (25mm) Dual gallonage nozzle with two flow settings of 10 and 24 gpm @ 100 psi (37 and 90 l/min @ 7 bar). All lightweight materials, hardcoat anodized aluminum. Quick-change rear valve seat, stainless steel shut-off ball and a twist "off" position for positive shut off.... Read More
  • The "Big Shot" Flare By Firequick Products Inc

    This robust flare is a hand-thow only configuration that is extremely effective in medium to heavy and wet fuels. Burning material is sprayed up to 15 feet / 4.5 meters during initial jetting. This large and rugged flare is particularly good for tossing into deep culverts or other difficult... Read More
  • The "Chubbie" - Hand Thrown Flare By Firequick Products Inc

    The Chubbie is the newest addition to the Firequick flare family. Lightweight, compact and extremely rugged, this baseball size flare is easy to carry and easy to throw. The Chubbie exhibits high-performance ignition capability in a variety of fuels and proves the perfect partner to the Stubby... Read More
  • The "Hotshot" Flare By Firequick Products Inc

    The Hotshot flare is a mechanically launched remote ignition flare effective in light to medium fuels.This flare is often used in prescribed fire operations to burn off vast grassy or high weed areas. A 4-second delay allows placement of the flare 300-325 feet (90-100 meters) from the launch... Read More
  • The "Stubby" Flare By Firequick Products Inc

    In May 2009 the Stubby flare design changed to a launch-only configuration. Observe the markings on the cap to distinguish from older models. The new launch-only Stubby is fired from the Firequick Dual Launcher III and packs more fire-power and demonstrates higher energy than the old dual-use... Read More
  • The AirCheck Kit K901 and K201 By Trace Analytics, LLC

    The AirCheck Kit™ is an air compressor test that is easy-to-use, yet designed to obtain an air sample that is representative of the air used to fill your SCBAs. You can also use our AirCheck Kit™ to test your breathing air quality from a cascade system or directly from the SCBA. Since we are an... Read More
  • The Bowring Tool By Paul Conway Fire

    The Bowring firefighting tool is an innovative multi-purpose tool recently designed by 2 Oklahoma Firefighters. Pound for Pound the most Versatile Tool Ever! The Bowring firefighting tool is 8.1 inches tall 5.9 inches wide .375 inches thick and weighs 22 ounces, so it easily fits into a... Read More
  • The Easy EscapeTM - Slip-On Black Leather Boots By Redback Boots USA

    The Original Slip-on boot made of 100% Premium full grain leather, shines to a high gloss for any professional look. Made 100% in Australia this boot features Easy on/off design, full grain leather, Oil/Acid/Slip resistant TPU soles and a PU shock absorbing Midsole. These boots are anatomically... Read More
  • The Rookie By Deschutes River Mfg. LLC

    Our original unit improved upon a design used by the Pacific Northwest Interagency Support Cache, eliminating the backbreaking job of hand-rolling fire hose. Safe and easy for one person to operate — or choose the double unit and get the work done twice as quickly with two people. Stands... Read More
  • The Rookie Reloader By Deschutes River Mfg. LLC

    After hoses are rolled, use The Rookie Reloader to transform the SideKick’s portable stand into an efficient hose handling system. Effortlessly transports rolled hoses and reduces the labor needed to re-deck fire hose onto engines. Reloads small and large diameter fire... Read More
  • The Rookie Sidekick By Deschutes River Mfg. LLC

    The most versatile power fire hose rollers made, The Rookie SideKick line is available in four models with gas or electric motors. Weighing less than 150-160 pounds (depending on model), The Rookie SideKick mounts easily on any ATV rack or vehicle receiver hitch. (Also available with an... Read More
  • Thermal Ally Imaging Camera By Digital Ally Advanced Video & Speed Enforcement Products

    Digital Ally’s lightweight, versatile Thermal Ally is perfect for revealing hidden assailants, evidence, disturbed surfaces, unconscious victims, & more. Increase your safety and efficiency, day or night, in any weather. It features a fast acquisition, focus free lens; five image enhancing color... Read More
  • Thorogood Shoes By Thorogood-Weinbrenner Shoe Co., Inc.

    Footwear for Uniform, Fire, Work, Safety and Outdoor Sports Read More
  • Thread Saver® SCBA Cyl Valve Protection By American Airworks™

    THREAD SAVER® helps prevent serious valve thread damage that will disable your SCBA just when you need it most. Plus, it will save you as much as $425.00, if you have to replace a damaged valve body with a new valve. Thread protection is needed for soft aluminum valve threads of breathing... Read More
  • TPASS® 3H Extended Vehicle Panic Alarm - GPS Position of Vehicle By Grace Industries, Inc.

    High Performance Wireless Personal Alert Safety System. Achieve distances of up to 1 mile (line of site) from a worker wornTPASS® 3H to a vehicle mounted MX900-H transceiver to send a panic or motion alarm from the vehicle using vehicle GPS. Includes an out of range alert when disconnected from... Read More
  • TrafficMaster® Sign System By MDI Traffic Control Products

    TrafficMaster® Sign Systems have been safeguarding lives and property for over 30 years. The sign stand, with its kick-release legs, and the patented MDI Compact® Roll-up Sign, with push-button deployment, allows system to set up in seconds, no tools needed. The retro-reflective sign material... Read More
  • Training Events By National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI)

    NAFI is the source for quality NFPA 921 based training programs. Our training programs are unmatched in the industry in quality, professionalism and technical accuracy. Our internationally recognized instructors present dynamic, illustrated lectures on many aspects fire and explosion... Read More
  • Trainingweb Online Courses and Learning Management By Summit Training Source, Inc.

    perience the power of utilizing the latest software combined with quality content, customization options, and full administrator capabilities for your online training. Summit offers over 200 interactive online training courses, including foreign language, for a flexible and cost-effective... Read More
  • Trumpets & Bells By Cruise Master Engraving

    Brass or Pewter trumpets mounted on custom walnut bases. Chrome plated apparatus bell mounted on walnut base Read More
  • TTN Bone Conduction Headset By Cobalt Audio Video

    The TTN wrap-around headset features dual microphone elements that rest against the temples and pick up transmit audio directly from vibrations below user’s skin, using advanced bone conduction technology. Since the dual ambient ear speakers do not block the user’s ears, the TTN allows the user... Read More
  • Turbo Stream By FoamPro - Pentair Water

    Compact and self-contained, the Turbo Stream produces high energy firefighting power with ease and precision. Driven by an exclusive PowerPro™ brand 13 HP gas engine, precise high pressure foam solution delivers rapid knockdown. While other systems use inaccurate suction side eductors, the... Read More
  • TURFloc™ By U.S. Chemical Storage LLC

    Designed for turf maintenance professionals, the TURFloc™ series of buildings is a non fire rated solution for the storage of pesticides, fertilizers and other potentially hazardous agri-chemicals. Offered in a range of sizes with options and accessories. Built-in spill containment. Read More
  • Turnout Gear By Lakeland Fire

    Lakeland Fire Turnout Gear is well known for its dynamic ergonomic design and safety features and includes off-the-shelf convenience as well as custom options with unmatched attention to detail that surpasses the industry today. We are proud to be an innovator and a market leader in turnout gear. Read More
  • TwistLock Vehicle Stabilizer By Paratech Inc.

    The 'ALL IN ONE' Vehicle Stabilizer! Stronger, Faster, Safer! No Assembly Required! When you need to stabilize a vehicle accident scene quickly, there is nothing faster or stronger. With the TWISTLOCK Collar all you need to do is TWIST, EXTEND, RELEASE and the TVS can stabilize 10,000 LB /... Read More