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  • LINE-X Protective Coatings

    PAXCON® was created in response to the demand for increased homeland security and anti-terrorism initiatives in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Known for ultimate durability and protection, PAXCON force protection coatings have been recognized by the U.S. military and the defense industry for...
  • ECK Corrosion Coating

    ECK corrosion prevention coating: Eck coating prevents dissimilar metal corrosion (galvanic & electrolysis)around apparatus hinges lights, & door handles. Ask you truck builder to apply Eck and buy for maintenance departments. Comes in qts, aerosol & squeeze tubes.
  • Futura Coatings , Inc.

  • Zolatone Automotive Industrial

    Zolatone 20 Series is a high-performance multicolored textured coating that is ideal for storage compartments, pump panels and a variety of other surfaces. Tuff Rider Urethane Liner by Zolatone is a two-component sprayable urethane coating with a tough, textured, and glossy black finish. It is...