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  • Raytek/Fluke Process Instruments

    Specifically designed for kiln monitoring, the Raytek® CS200E process imaging system detects and monitors refractory hot spots to prevent costly kiln damage and extend production runs. Raytek designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of infrared (IR) thermometers for industrial...
  • The Supply Cache, Inc.

    Wildland Firefighter Tools: Wildland Fire, All Risk and Structure Firefighting tools available to help you perform the myriad of functions your job demands.
  • Paul Conway Fire

    The Bowring Tool: The Bowring firefighting tool is an innovative multi-purpose tool recently designed by 2 Oklahoma Firefighters. Pound for Pound the most Versatile Tool Ever! The Bowring firefighting tool is 8.1 inches tall 5.9 inches wide .375 inches thick and weighs 22 ounces, so it easily fits into a...
  • National Fire Fighter Corp.

    Firefighting Tools: Fire equipment necessities include drip torch products, Spanner wrenches, fire axes and Leatherman tools. This section of the catalog also includes fire extinguishers and weather instruments.
  • Nupla Corp.

    Nupla hand tools: Nupla manufacturers the finest striking and diggings tools. All Nupla tools feature Lifetime Nuplaglas handles for strength, safety, and durability Smooth, resin rich Nupla handle surfaces protect users from splinters and resist UV deterioration Nuplaglas handles are flame resistant up to...
  • Glas-Master

    1999 Harvey Grant Excellence in Rescue Award recipient and developer of the Glas-Master brings you a full line of German-made rescue knives.
  • Unifire Inc

    Unifire manufacturers and sells high performance PPV Fans, Ventilation Saws, Cut-Off Rescue Saws, Metal Cutting Saws, Smoke Machines, and Confined Space Blowers. Unifire sells over 60,000 additional products.
  • Community Fire Equipment, Inc.


  • Dragonslayers , Inc.

    These tools (below) were designed by a career smokejumper to enhance safety, versatility, user comfort and production issues. Generally, they get the user upright, so they can see, have better leverage/balance and can respond to so many more different changing conditions with far more productive...