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  • Parker Hannifin Corp

    Parker Hannifin is a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies. For 100 years the company has engineered the success of its customers in the mobile, industrial and aerospace markets.
  • The Supply Cache, Inc.

    The Supply Cache was founded in 1991 by two wildland firefighters, Jim and Diane Felix. Our goal here at The Supply Cache is to be able to outfit fire crews and all-risk responders with quality products at an affordable price. The Supply Cache vends to all walks of wildland fire, from the...
  • National Fire Fighter Corp.

    Home Fire Protection: Keep your home safe during fire season.
  • Cat Pumps

    Cat Pumps supplies industrial quality high-pressure pumps and systems designed for long-life performance and ease of maintenance. Piston and plunger pump models are available for pressure ratings from 100 to 10,000 psi (7 to 689 bar) and flow rates to 240 gpm (908 lpm). Applications range from...
  • Wildfire

    WATERAX: Waterax by Wildfire is a full line of lightweight high pressure portable fire pumps. These multistage centrifugal pump systems allow for pumping from natural water sources - such as lakes, streams, and rivers - that often contain minor debris. A major advantage of high pressure centrifugal...
  • Waterous Co.

    PASSPORT™ Fire Pump: The revolutionary design of the PASSPORT™ pump began with a blank sheet and one objective: create a new benchmark for fire pumps worldwide. By seamlessly integrating aluminum and composite components, the industry's best engineers created a single-stage fire pump that is EN 1028 and NFPA 1901...
  • Patterson Pump Co.

    Standard fire pumps and Pre-Pac(R) prepackaged fire pump systems.
  • Hale Products Inc.

    From the pump to the panel, Hale and Class 1 offer the most technologically advanced and highest quality products. Hale’s Qmax pump is the most popular pump in North America. Our FoamLogix Foam Proportioning Systems and CAFSPro Compressed Air Foam Systems set the standard for fire suppression....
  • Mercedes Textiles Limited

    A wide array of high pressure pumps, wildland hose and fire fighting tools and accessories.